Wright Tops the Topless Crate Late Models!

Miller gets first win, Eicher, Deutsch, score second wins of season, Downes gets fourth of four!

Conneaut, OH (August 18, 2017): The tops were off the CARS Crate Late Models, allowing fans a more complete view of drivers performing their tasks. Added treats for the fans and CARS Crate Late Model drivers were time trials and “dashes” for the fastest. After all had timed it it was Chad Wright showing as the quickest at 18.969 sec, which s an 83.030 MPH average. Wright went on to sweep the wins for the CARS entrants, winning the dash, his heat, and the feature! In other action Gary Eicher dominated the Bonnell’s Collision Service E-Mods for his second feature win of the season, Tim Deutsch collected his second Raceway 7 feature victory of 2017, Gary Miller won his first-ever Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod Raceway 7 feature, and Zach Downes continued his amazing streak, collecting his fourth victory in as many starts this summer.

The first feature out was the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks withTim Deutsch and Mike Clark leading the way. Deutsch was the early leader with Mike Miller coming to second. At halfway Deutsch had a solid lead over Miller with Clark third, Joe Stajnrajh fourth and Don McGuire fifth. Deutsch began lapping the back markers with eleven complete as Miller began closing the gap. Deutsch went on to his second win of the season with the top five remaining the same at the checkers. With his sixth place finish, second in points Jamie Duncan not able to start the feature, and third place points driver Chris McGuire not racing, Kennerknecht opened a substantial lead in the championship standings.

Josh McDonald and Gary Eicher brought the Bonnell Collision Service E-Mod feature to green with McDonald leading lap one but Eicher taking over the lead on lap two. Troy Johnson challenged McDonald for the runner-up spot with four complete but fell in line a lap later. Again Johnson tried for second at seven complete, this time with success using the high side. Yellow flew at eight complete when Jim Plance spun in turn four. At green Johnson got by McDonald for second with Josh Ferry coming to fourth over Billy Henry. With ten to go, McDonald suddenly slowed on the back straight, pulling to the infield, out of the race. He noted later that it “just shut off”. With five to go Eicher was leading Troy Johnson, Josh Ferry, Jeff Johnson, and Ken Zimmer. Eicher went on to his second win of the season over Troy Johnson, Ferry, Jeff Johnson, and Zimmer. With points leader Joel Watson finishing sixth, Eicher closes the points race by seven markers.

Chad Wright and Kyle Zimmerman, by virtue of their Dash finishes, started on the front row of the Evergreen Lake Park Campground 25-lap feature, both topless. Wright led in the early going with Darrell Bossard second at two laps complete. At five laps into the race yellow was on the track as Hunter Hulley and Lon Emerick spun in turn two. Emerick retired to the pits under the caution period. Before a lap could be completed John McGee spun in turn two, negating the start. At green Zimmerman came back to second but went wide in turn two, allowing Alan Dellinger to get by, but then was second again at the end of seven. Hulley spun coming out of turn four, his second caution of the race. Wright continued to lead Bossard, Zimmerman, Dellinger, and Bruce Hordusky Jr at halfway. Jeff Walters spun in turn four at eleven complete. Hordusky was fourth at twelve complete. Dylan Goodman, Mike Bambarger, and Bo Walters all spun in turn two with six to go, again eliminating Wright’s lead and restarting Bossard and Zimmerman side by side. Dellinger got by Hordusky at the green and then got by Bossard at sixteen complete with Zimmerman now second. Bambarger spun at seventeen laps, this time in turn four at the same time as Chad Sines spun in turn two. Dellinger and Zimmerman were side by side at eighteen with Dellinger second at nineteen when Walters and Bambarger spun in turn four. It was the third caution for both, sending them both pitside. Zimmerman was second at 21 laps when Chris Withers, Josh Stoica, Joe Long, and Ed Bolyard all got together in turn four. Long required a tow from the racing surface. Wright, led the rest of the way with Zimmerman winding up winning the battle for second over Dellinger, Hordusky, and Bossard. The feature paid $1200 to win plus a bonus of $250 sponsored by Knorr Electric.

Gary Miller and Gary Olsen brought the Bonnell Auto Group Economods to green with Miller launching out to the lead and Geoff Conn coming from fourth to second at the end of one. At four complete Conn was next to the leader. Before five was finished Casey Harmon looped it in turn four, putting the race under yellow. Olson got sideways in turn two on the green, eventually involving seven cars. However, Olson kept running, so was restored to his spot. Miller, Matt Alexander, Olson, Jace Ferringer, and Tyler Frankenberry brought the race back to green. Miller pulled back out to the lead at green but Alexander was challenging on lap seven. Yellow flew when Mark Titus spun into the outside wall at the end of the back straight. Brandon Blackshear was up to fourth for the restart with Frankenberry fifth. Blackshear, the points leader, never came up to speed at the green and yellow was again shown before lap eight was complete. After a lap of green Olson was second over Alexander but spun in turn two with nine complete. The top five for the next green was Miller, Alexander, Jace Ferringer, Frankenberry, and Steve Haefke. With four to go Eric Reinwald dropped his driveshaft in turn four, putting the race again under caution. With eleven down it was Zach Lenard spinning in turn two, the seventh caution in eleven laps. At the green Conn slammed the retaining wall in turn four. Miller again led at green with Haefke coming to second and Alexander third. With two to go Casey Harmon spun in turn two. With the thirty-minute time limit exceeded, the race was declared complete with Miller the winner, his first win at Raceway 7.

Jason Easler, the defending champion, and Shawn McBride brought the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks to green with Easler jumping out to the lead. Alexis Vogt, Emily Stoyer, Gunner Schwartz, Jessica Harvey, and Mike Gehlhausen all piled into the outside wall at the start. When the race was back to green Easler led with Scott Gill second and Zach Downes up to third. Downes was second at the end of two over Gill, Gary Drake Jr, and Joe Campbell. On the back straight on lap four Downes got by Easler. Campbell was fourth at lap seven with Shane Shook fifth. Dillon Speer came to a stop in turn three with only two laps left, slowing the race again. For the final two lap dash it was Downes, Easler, Gill, Campbell, and Shook heading the single-file restart. Campbell came to third with one to go. At the stripe it was Downes, his fourth win in four starts, over Easler, Campbell, Shook, and Gill.

Evergreen Lake Park Campground Cars Crate Late Models:
Time Trials: Chad Wright 18.969, Kyle Zimmerman 19.222, Alan Dellinger 19.229, Wendall Pinckney 19.573, Joe Long 19.650, Josh Stoica 19.656, Darrell Bossard 19.581, Bruce Hordusky 19.609, Khole Wanzer 19.643, Chris Withers 19.617, Ed Bolyard 19.746, Chad Sines 19.780, Mike Bambarger 20.208, Dylan Goodman 20.272, Hunter Hulley 20.441, Lon Emerick 20.738, John McGee 21.730, Dave Airgood No Time, Bo Walters No Time
Daniels Speed Supply Heat 1: Chad Wright, Darrell Bossard, Chris Withers, Ed Bolyard, Dylan Goodman, Hunter Hulley, Dave Airgood
955 Automotive and Jason Orr Heat 2: Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky, Wendall Pinckney, Kohle Wanzer, Chad Sines, Lon Emerick
Amsoil by Gary and Bonnie Neubauer Heat 3: Alan Dellinger, Alex Anderson, Joe Long, Mike Bambarger, John McGee, Jeff Walters
J D Doversified Dash 1: Chad Wright, Kyle Zimmerman, Darrell Bossard, Bruce Hordusky, Alan Dellinger, Josh Stoica
Shetler Construction Dash 2: Chris Withers, Wendall Pinckney, Joe Long ,Kohle Wanzer, Ed Bolyard, Mike Bambarger
Knorr Electric Feature: Chad Wright, Kyle Zimmerman, Alan Dellinger, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Darrell Bossard, Wendall Pinckney, Kohle Wanzer, Dylan Goodman, Ed Bolyard, Chris Withers, Chad Sines, Josh Stoica, John McGee, Joe Long, Jeff Walters, Mike Bambarger, Hunter Hulley, Lon Emerick, Dave Airgood (DNS)

Bonnell Collision Service E-Mods:
Heat 1: Ken Zimmer, John Boyd, Josh Ferry, Jeff Johnson, Bill Taylor, Jack Young, Mike Kinney
Heat 2: Gary Eicher, Josh McDonald, Troy Johnson, Percy McDonald, Jim Plance, Bud Watson
Heat 3: Joel Watson, Casey Bowers, Billy Henry, Rick Pratschler, Dan McDonald, Chuck Steinle Jr
Feature: Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson, Josh Ferry, Jeff Johnson, Ken Zimmer, Joel Watson, Billy Henry, Casey Bowers, Mike Kinney, Percy McDonald, John Boyd, Dan McDonald, Rick Pratschler, Jack Young, Bill Taylor, Jim Plance, Josh McDonald, Chuck Steinle Jr, Bud Watson (DNS)

Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods:
Heat 1: Geoff Conn, Eric Reinwald, Brandon Blackshear, Mark Titus, Zach Lenard, Justin Sax, Chuck Steinle Sr, Nat Young
Heat 2: Steve Haefke, Devin Henry, Mitch Wright, Jace Ferringer, Jason Brightman, Gary Murphy, Ashley Rogers
Heat 3: Matt Alexander, Gary Miller, Gary Murphy, Tyler Frankenberry, Bob Bellinger, Mike Harmon, Casey Harmon
Feature: Gary Miller, Jace Ferringer, Matt Alexander, Steve Haefke, Tyler Frankenberry, Mitchell Wright, Brandon Blackshear, Devin Henry, Justin Sax, Jason Brightman, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Sr, Gary Olson, Gary Murphy, Zack Lenard, Ashley Rogers, Casey Harmon, Geoff Conn, Eric Reinwald, Mark Harmon, Nat Young, Bob Bellinger (DNS)

Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Mike Miller, Russ Byler, Don McGuire, Garrett Calvert, Troy Dezarn, Jamie Duncan
Heat 2: Mike Clark, Tim Deutsch, Joe Stajnrajh, Anthony Marotto, Mike Horton, Tony Bruno, Jared Larson
Feature: Tim Deutsch, Mike Miller, Mike Clark, Joe Stajnrajh, Don McGuire, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Anthony Marotto, Garrett Calvert, Jared Larson, Mike Horton, Tony Bruno, Troy Dezarn, Russ Byler (DNS), Jamie Duncan (DNS)

Sunnyside Farm Transit Inc Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Jason Easler, Scott Gill, Gary Drake, Shane Shook, Bill Fuchs, Mike Gehlhausen, Zoey Gill, Gunner Schwartz, Zack Eller
Heat 2: Dillion Speer, Joe Campbell, Derrick Tuttle, Brian McGarvie, Alexis Vogt, Mary Hammond, Emily Stoyer, Corey Wicke (DNS)
Heat 3: Zach Downes, Brad Cole, Rick Feely, Shawn McBride, Jim Jones, Jessica Harvey, Terry Feely, Mike Barr
Feature: Zach Downes, Jason Easler, Joe Campbell, Shane Shook, Scott Gill, Brad Cole, Gary Drake Jr, Bill Fuchs, Rick Feely, Zack Eller, Brian McGarvie, Jim Jones, Mary Hammond, Emily Stoyer, Zoey Gill, Derrick Tuttle, Mike Gehlhausen, Shawn McBride, Jessica Harvey, Dillion Speer, Terry Feely, Mike Barr, Alexis Vogt, Gunner Schwartz, Corey Wicke (DNS)

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