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  • Watson continues domination!

    Lunger, McGuire, and Haefe get second wins of year, Proper wins first-ever at 7!

    Conneaut, OH (June 3, 2016):Near perfect weather greeted fans and teams as night number five got underway at Raceway 7 for a regular night of racing with feature wins going to Dennis Lunger (his second Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models win), Joel Watson (his fourth Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods win), Chris McGuire, (second Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks), Steve Haefke ( second Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods, and Andy Proper (his first-ever McDonald’s Sand & Gravel Mini Stocks win).

    The McDonald’s Sand & Gravel Mini Stocks were the first feature in the lineup with Kyle Adkins, celebrating a birthday, and Casey Harmon leading the way to green. Harmon led lap one with fourth starting Andy Proper taking over at lap two. Harmon came to a halt in turn two on lap three bringing caution over the race for the first time. Harmon headed to the pit under the caution. For the green it was Proper leading Bud Sergeff and Hoyt Mihalak to the flag. Mihalak drew even with Sergeff on the back straight on lap five and to the second spot at the end of the lap. At halfway Gary Olson got into the turn two fence, again slowing the race. Proper brought the field back to green with Mihalak second and Sergeff third. Adkins was back to fourth and seventh starting Jason Easler, the points leader, fifth. Caution again appeared at lap eight for debris from the Casey Harmon car. With two laps left Proper was extending his lead when yellow again was shown, this time when Harmon threw a wheel and came to a halt in turn four. At this green Easler got to third and the race continued to the finish. The order at the checkers was Proper, Mihalak, Easler, Adkins, and Justin Boardman.

    Former champion and 2016 feature winner Dennis Lunger and last week’s winner Darrell Bossard brought the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models to Roger Osburn’s green flag with Lunger leading lap one and Wendall Pinckney fighting for second with former champion and two time 2016 winner Kyle Zimmerman. Bossard and Billy Henry were side by side for fourth at the end of three. On lap four rookie Hunter Hulley spun in turn two, bringing yellow over the field. By five laps in Lunger was still in front with Zimmerman second, and Bossard up to third. Zimmerman got next to Lunger at six complete and had a slight lead at the end of seven. Lunger was back in front by half a car length at eight laps and solidly back in front at nine. Hulley again spun at twelve laps in, throwing the event under yellow once more. Bossard quickly came back to second after green and challenged for the lead at the end of thirteen but yellow was again flying when Alex Anderson looped his mount in turn one. Hulley and Ed Bolyard spun in turn four coming to the restart. It was Hulley’s third caution so he was sent pitside. Anderson again spun, this time in turn three after just one more lap of green. Again Lunger led Bossard, Zimmerman, Pinckney, and now Dave Airgood in fifth back to green. Bossard made a charge for the lead with two laps left and pulled even at the white flag then raced side by side down the back straight with Lunger getting sideways in three, allowing Zimmerman to make it a three wide run for the checkers. Lunger showed 0.015 second ahead of Bossard with Zimmerman 0.218 second behind second. A total of not quite ¼ second between first and third. Wendall Pinckney was fourth with Dave Airgood fifth. The win was Lunger’s second on the season and sixteenth Raceway 7 CARS Crate Late Model win.

    Troy Johnson and Dan McDonald brought the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods to green with Dennis Lunger coming from third to run next to McDonald at the end of lap one. McDonald was the sole possessor of the lead at the end of two and started opening his lead with three laps in the books. At five laps complete it was Dan McDonald, Lunger, Percy McDonald, Johnson, and twelfth starting Joel Watson fifth. Josh McDonald spun in turn one on lap six, slowing the race for the first time. Dan McDonald brought the field back to green and after one more lap Watson was up to third with Dan McDonald opening up a five length lead at the end of seven. At halfway it was Dan McDonald, Lunger, Watson, Percy McDonald, and Johnson. At lap twelve Watson had completed his charge from last to first. At fourteen Lunger got by Dan McDonald with Percy McDonald dropping his brother to fourth a lap later. At the checkers Watson had won his fourth feature of the season with Lunger second, Percy McDonald third, Dan McDonald fourth, and Troy Johnson fifth. The win was Watson’s 36th E-Mod win at Raceway 7 and fourth in four appearances this season.

    Mark Sanders and defending champion Shawn Fawcett were on the front row for the start of the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock feature. Fawcett took the immediate lead with last week’s winner, Chris McGuire, coming to second from sixth on the grid. With three complete McGuire got a fender next to the leader at the stripe but fell back in line at turn one. Brandon Groters spun in turn four at four complete, putting the race under yellow. Matt Lozowski spun before another lap was complete. On lap six Fawcett slid high in turn two, turning the lead over to McGuire and falling back to fifth. At halfway McGuire led Sanders, Rob Bates, Mike Clark, and Fawcett. With three to go Fawcett was back up to third while McGuire was heading to his second win in a row by over a quarter lap. Fawcett got by Sanders on the final lap to finish second. Sanders was third with Bates fourth and Clark fifth.

    Mike Harmon and Eric Reinwald brought the sixteen car Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod feature to green but the field didn’t make a lap before James Myers and Geoff Conn getting locked together in turn two. Myers went to the pit, returning just as the field did a complete restart. Reinwald took the immediate lead but scraped the back straight fence, losing three spots. Harmon led lap one with opening night winner Steve Haefke coming to the lead at lap two. Yellow was again shown with three complete when Haley Lapcevich spun in turn four while Myers hit the wall in turn two, again heading pitside. Haefke continued to lead but pandemonium broke out on turn two when several cars spun, including two time winner, defending champion and current points leader Rick Prosser and Kevin Sergeff. Haefke brought the field up to speed with Reinwald coming to second, Harmon third, and Devin Henry fourth. At five complete several cars tangled on turn four with some spinning to the infield and two cars, Gary Murphy and Sergeff, locking wheels and winding up against the front straight wall. On the next try trouble again struck and the race went back to yellow with Harmon losing a driveshaft and Sergeff spinning into the infield. At halfway Haefke led Devin Henry, Reinwald, Gary Miller, and Chuck Steinle. Steinle Sr spun in turn one as the white flag flew for the final caution. Haefke went on to his second win of the season with Henry second over Reinwald, Myers, and Haley Lapcevich.

    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:
    Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Dennis Lunger, Chris Withers, Khole Wanzer, Hunter Hulley, Ed Bolyard
    Heat 2: Wendall Pinckney. Dave Airgood, Breyton Santee, Travis Martineau, Alex Anderson, William Pinckney, Brandon Porter
    Feature: Dennis Lunger, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Wendall Pinckney, Dave Airgood, Breyton Santee, Chris Withers, Khole Wanzer, Travis Martineau, William Pinckney, Ed Bolyard, Alex Anderson, Hunter Hulley, Brandon Porter

    Bonnell Collision Service E-Mods:
    Heat 1: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Percy McDonald, Bill Taylor, Mike Kinney, Jesse Gould
    Heat 2: Dan McDonald, Troy Johnson, Josh Ferry, Josh McDonald, Billy Henry, Jake Eucher
    Feature: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Dan McDonald, Percy McDonald, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Bill Taylor, Josh Ferry, Billy Henry (DNS), Jake Eucker (DNS)

    Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods:
    Heat 1: Casey Harmon, Rick Prosser, Kevin Sergeff, Geoff Conn, James Myers, Haley Lapcevich, Jim Muma, Ashley Rogers
    Heat 2: Steve Haefke, Gary Miller, Eric Reinwald, Devin Henry, Justin Chaddock, Chuck Steinle Jr, Gary Murphy, Jim Van Cise
    Feature: Steve Haefke, Devin Henry, Eric Reinwald, Gary Miller, Haley Lapcevich, Justin Chaddock, Rick Prosser, Geoff Conn. Gary Murphy, James Myers, Jim Van Cise, Chuck Steinle Jr, Ashley Rogers, Kevin Sergeff, Mike Harmon, Jim Muma

    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:
    Heat 1: Rob Bates, Mike Clark, Mark Sanders, Matt Lozowski, Jamie Sharba, Ken Lamp, Don McGuire
    Heat 2: Chris McGuire, Shawn Fawcett, Chris Hochschild, Art Gilchrist, Sam Courson, Brandon Groters
    Feature: Chris McGuire, Shawn Fawcett, Mark Sanders, Rob Bates, Mike Clark, Jamie Sharba, Chris Hochschild, Matt Lozowski, Brandon Groters, Art Gilchrist, Ken Lamp, Sam Courson, Don McGuire (DNS)

    McDonald’s Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks:
    Heat 1: Hoyt Mihalak, Andy Proper, Casey Harmon, Kyle Adkins, Justin Boardman, Brian McGarvie, Mike Barr, Jessica Harvey
    Heat 2: Jason Easler, Gary Olson, Bud Sergeff, Derrick Tuttle, Alex Forbes, Zoey Gill, Emily Stoyer
    Feature: Andy Proper, Hoyt Mihalak, Jason Easler, Kyle Adkins, Justin Boardman, Mike Barr, Bud Sergeff, Alex Forbes, Derrick Tuttle, Brian McGarvie, Gary Olson, Zoey Gill, Casey Harmon, Emily Stoyer, Jessica Harvey (DNS)

  • Frankenberry and McGuire get first Raceway 7 wins!

    Easler and Watson get third wins of year; Bossard gets first win of season.

    Conneaut, OH (May 27, 2016): With temperatures in the low eighties all five classes plus the Pennsylvania Vintage Modifieds put on a competitive night of racing with fireworks lighting the skies at intermission. On the track Gary Haupt led the Pennsylvania Vintage Dirt Modifieds in their twenty lap special event. Darrell Bossard led the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models flag to flag for his first win of the season. Joel Watson took over at the front of the pack from Troy Johnson at lap six and went on to his third Bonnell Collision Center E-Mod feature win of the season in three appearances. Chris McGuire went to the Raceway 7 Victory Lane in the Campbell’s Mini Storage Steet Stock, leading from the halfway point of the event. Jason Easler continued his domination of the McDonald’s Sand & Gravel Mini Stock night capper, winning his third of the season. The special appearance by the Pennsylvania Vintage Modifieds was won by former Late Model champion Gary Haupt.

    The Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models were the first feature of the evening with Breyton Santee and Darrell Bossard leading the 16-car pack to green. Dave Airgood, originally scheduled to start outside front row was sent to the rear when he was late to the staging area. Darrell Bossard led from green with Santee second, Zimmerman third, Dennis Lunger fourth, and Chris Withers fifth at lap five. With seven laps complete Khole Wanzer spun in turn four, slowing the event for the first time. Bossard brought the field back to green with Lunger getting by Zimmerman at lap eight just as Dave Airgood went to the infield in turn three, again slowing the race. At halfway the order was Bossard, Santee, Lunger, Zimmerman, and Chris Withers with Bruce Hordusky challenging for the spot. With five to go Hordusky got by Withers for fifth then caution again appeared when William Pinckney spun in turn four. Under caution Zimmerman headed pitside. Bossard went on to his first win of the season over Santee, Lunger, Hordusky, and Withers.

    The Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods started their twenty lap finale with Dennis Lunger and Josh Ferry on the front row. Lunger led lap one with Troy Johnson coming to second over Ferry. Lunger was the leader on lap two then slowed in turn two with caution coming out for him. He then retired pitside. Joel Watson was alongside Ferry for third at the end of two and held the spot at the end of three. At four laps in, Bill Taylor spun in turn three, putting the event again under caution. When green again flew Watson got next to Johnson at the end of five and was leading down the back straight on lap six. Bud Watson looped his mount in turn four, slowing the event under yellow at lap eight. At halfway Watson led Johnson, Ferry, Percy McDonald, and Justin Carlson. With five laps left Percy McDonald got by Ferry on the high side for third. Watson cruised to his third win in three appearances this season with Johnson withstanding a last turn challenge from Percy McDonald for third. Ferry wound up fourth with Carlson fifth.

    The Pennsylvania Vintage Modifieds had nine cars in attendance with Bob Sloss and Chris Ketch on the front row of seven cars starting the feature. At the end of lap one Les Myers and Jim “Dingo” Kirkwood got together on the front straight with Myers getting into the wall and Kirkwood spinning. Both cars were able to continue. Bob Sloss led after two laps with last year’s winner Gary Haupt second. Myers was challenging Haupt for second at the end of four then Scloss rode the wall in the back straight but continued. At six complete Kirkwood spun in turn four and Sloss retired pitside. Myers was the leader after green on lap seven with Haupt now second. Haupt got by Myers when the leader slowed on the front straight. Jim Kirkwood wound up second at the checkers with Chris Ketch third, Sloss fourth, and Byerly fifth.

    The Campbell Mini Storage Street Stocks had Chris Hochschild and Rob Bates on the front row with Hochschild leading from green over Bates and Chris McGuire. Rod Laskey ran fourth in the early going over defending champion Shawn Fawcett, last week’s winner. At three complete McGuire was second when Art Gilchrist spun in turn one, slowing the event under yellow. When the race went back under green Bates went back to second. At halfway Bates got by Hochschild for the lead with caution coming at lap nine when Laskey spun in turn four. Bates, Hochschild, McGuire, Fawcett, and Mark Sanders brought the field back to green. McGuire came to second after green but yellow again flew when Fawcett, Hochschild, and Gilchrist all got together in turn four. For the restart at lap ten Bates, McGuire, Sanders, Gary Miller, and Jimmy Kennerknecht were the top five. McGuire took over at the front on the back straight after green but Bates got back alongside after one lap. McGuire then got by for the lead at the end of twelve laps when Miller spun in turn two. McGuire then went on for his first career Raceway 7 feature win with Bates second, Fawcett third, Sanders fourth, and Kennerknecht fifth.

    The Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods started with Brian Toto and Eric Reinwald leading the pack. Reinwald sped off with the lead at green with Tyler Frankenberry second and defending champion Rick Prosser third, Mitch Wright fourth, and Toto back to fifth at four laps complete. Caution flew when Tom Perkins spun but kept going in turn four. Steve Haefke and Brian Toto got locked together in turn two negating the restart. Toto had to be towed from the scene but Haefke rejoined the fray. Reinwald led the field back to green with Frankenberry and Prosser right behind. Mitch Wright spun in turn three, collecting Kyle Reinwald and Tom Perkins. Reinwald and Wright had to be towed but Perkins continued. Wright was disqualified for exiting his car without permission. Eric Reinwald continued to lead after green with Prosser coming to second at lap six. James Myers slowed to a halt at lap six, again bringing caution over the field. At green Frankenberry got by Reinwald coming out of turn four. On the main straight Tom Perkins got sideways, dug into the track surface and violently flipped end over end then barrel-rolled several times. He was ok but the race was under red for the second time. Frankenberry led after green with opening night winner Stave Haefke coming to second and Prosser third. With four laps left caution was shown for a spin in turn one by Zach Myers. Frankenberry extended his lead over Haefke, Prosser, Mike Harmon, and Zach Myers. It was the eighteen year old Frankenberry’s first ever feature win in a full size racer.

    Emily Stoyer and Justin Boardman brought the McDonald’s Sand & Gravel Mini Stock feature to green with Boardman coming to the front over Kyle Adkins and Bud Sergeff. Boardman and Sergeff both slowed with mechanical ails on the back straight but Sergeff got going again for the restart. Jason Easler came to the front on the restart with Adkins second and Hoyt Mihalak third. Adkins slowed and headed pitside at five laps then caution flew when Sergeff pulled into the infield. For the restart it was Easler, Mihalak, Joe Keney, Emily Storer, and Derrick Tuttle. Mihalak had right front damage at green, slowed, and headed to the infield. With three to go Easler had a full straight lead over Keney. At ten complete Casey Harmon was right behind Keney, pulling even with him at the white flag. The right front wheel came off Harmon’s car in turn two, ending his run in the turn two wall. Easler went on to the dominating win, his third this season in four weeks.

    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Late Models:
    Heat 1: Dave Airgood, Wendall Pinckney, Breyton Santee, Chris Withers, Khole Wanzer, Ed Bolyard, Mike Swansiger, Corey Ruffo, William Pinckney
    Heat 2: Bruce Hordusky, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Dennis Lunger, Brandon Porter, Alex Anderson, Hunter Hulley, Travis Martineau
    Feature: Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Dennis Lunger, Bruce Hordusky, Chris Withers, Wendall Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Alex Anderson, Travis Martineau, Ed Bolyard, Mike Swansiger, Corey Ruffo, Kyle Zimmerman, William Pinckney, Dave Airgood, Brandon Porter (DNS), Hunter Hulley (DNS)

    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:
    Heat 1: Troy Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Justin Carlson, Bud Watson, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould
    Heat 2: Percy McDonald, Joel Watson, Josh Ferry, Jeremy Double, Bill Taylor
    Feature: Joel Watson, Troy Johnson, Percy McDonald, Josh Ferry, Justin Carlson, Jesse Gould, Jeremy Double, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Bud Watson, Dennis Lunger

    Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods:
    Heat 1: Tyler Frankenberry, Steve Haefke, Mitch Wright, Brian Toto, Kyle Reinwald, James Myers, Ashley Rodgers, Zack Myers
    Heat 2: Rick Prosser, Mike Harmon, Eric Reinwald, Chuck Steinle Sr, Kevin Sergeff, Chris Clay, Buzz Seitz, Jim Muma
    Feature: Tyler Frankenberry, Steve Haefke, Rick Prosser, Mike Harmon, Zach Myers, Buzz Seitz, Chris Clay, Kevin Sergeff, Jim Muma, Eric Reinwald, Tom Perkins, Ashley Rodgers, James Myers, Kyle Reinwald, Brian Toto, Chuck Steinle Sr, Mitchell Wright (DQ)

    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:
    Heat 1: Rob Bates, Shawn Fawcett, Bryan Wagner, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Gary Miller
    Heat 2: Chris McGuire, Chris Hochschild, Rod Laskey, Mark Sanders, Art Gilchrist
    Feature: Chris McGuire, Rob Bates, Shawn Fawcett, Mark Sanders, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Rod Laskey, Chris Hochschild, Art Gilchrist, Gary Miller, Bryan Wagner (DNS)

    McDonalds Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks:
    Heat 1: Hoyt Mihalak, Kyle Adkins, Emily Stoyer, Joe Keney, Alex Forbes, Tyler Barr, Casey Harmon
    Heat 2: Jason Easler, Bud Sergeff, Justin Boardman, Jessica Harvey, Zoey Gill, Derrick Tuttle
    Feature: Jason Easler, Joe Keney, Emily Stoyer, Derrick Tuttle, Jessica Harvey, Alex Forbes, Zoey Gill, Tyler Barr, Casey Harmon, Hoyt Mihalak, Bud Sergeff, Kyle Adkins, Justin Boardman

    Pennsylvania Vintage Modifieds:
    Heat: Gary Haupt, Jim “Dingo” Kirkwood, Chris Ketch, Bob Sloss, Al Byerly, Paul St John, Les Myers, Rick Perre (DNS)
    Feature: Gary Haupt, Chris Ketch, Jim “Dingo” Kirkwood, Alan Byerly, Paul St John, Les Myers, Bob Sloss, Rick Perre (DNS)

  • Former champions are big winners on “Driver Appreciation Night!

    Zimmerman, Watson, Fawcett, Prosser, and Sergeff, all champions, win features!


    Conneaut, OH (May 20, 2016): It was “Driver Appreciation Night” at Raceway 7 with several racing-related prizes given out to drivers in all classes including gift certificates and various racing parts including fuel, oil, shocks, brakes, and related items. On track the racing was as hot as ever on the reconfigured oval. Several hats and tee-shirts were thrown into the crowd during intermission for the fans. Feature events all went to former class champions with Kyle Zimmerman (Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models) and Joel Watson (Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods) leading from flag to flag. Defending champion Shawn Fawcett took over at the front on lap three of the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock finale while defending Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod champion Rick Prosser grabbed the lead on a late race restart in their caution-marred feature.


    The Bonnell Collision Center E-Mod feature was up first with defending and two-time champion Percy McDonald starting from the pole with many time champion Joel Watson outside front row. Watson jumped into the early lead over McDonald with Troy Johnson third. With two laps complete veteran Bill Taylor spun into the infield on the back chute, slowing the field under caution. After green Dennis Lunger came to third and began challenging for the runner-up spot while Watson was opening a substantial lead, nearly half a straight at five complete when Bruce Powell and Jeff Johnson spun in turn four, again slowing the event. Lunger immediately came to second after green but Watson was again driving away. With eight complete Josh Ferry, Josh McDonald, and Bill Taylor piled up in turn four. At halfway Watson led Lunger, Percy McDonald, Troy Johnson, and Bud Watson. With thirteen complete Lunger came to a halt in turn one and needed towed from the track with apparent mechanical problems. With four laps remaining caution mysteriously appeared. For the five lap run to the checkers Joel Watson led Percy McDonald, Justin Carlson, Troy Johnson, and Cale Crocker back to the green. Crocker spun in turn four with two left, setting up another restart. The final yellow appeared at the white flag when Gary Sullivan spun coming out of turn four.  Watson then went on to the win, his second in the three week old season, over McDonald, Johnson, Carlson, and Jesse Gould. The win was the thirty-fourth E-Mod win for Watson.


    The McDonald Sand & Gravel Mini Stocks were brought to green by Hoyt Mihalak and Derrick Tuttle with two-time winner and points leader Jason Easler starting back in twelfth spot for the twelve-lap main event. Mihalak led the first lap and was leading Kyle Adkins and Jake Shipman when Derrick Tuttle slowed to a stop on the back straightaway with three complete. Two cars spun in turn four before another lap was complete. At halfway Mihalak was still leading over Bud Sergeff, Casey Harmon, Jason Easler, and Jake Shipman. With three laps remaining Shawn McBride slammed the wall hard in turn four, bringing the red flag over the race. He was uninformed but fluid poured from the car, necessitating a lengthy cleanup. For the three laps remaining the order was Mihalak, Sergeff, Casey Harmon, Easler, and Shipman. Harmon came to second at green but Sergeff got back to second by the end of one lap under green. Zoey Gill then hit the wall, dropping debris and again slowing the field.  On the restart Harmon got by the leaders and then the top three ran three wide down the back straight on the final lap. Coming off turn four for the checkers Sergeff edged ahead, winning his twentieth Raceway 7 feature over Mihalak and Harmon but Harmon was penalized two position for “jumping” a restart. Jason Easler was third, and Shipman fourth.


    The Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks were brought to green by heat winner Russell Byler and Chris McGuire. Byler led lap one with defending champion Shawn Fawcett coming to second. Fawcett was leading after two laps with Chris McGuire now second and Don McGuire third. Fourth running Tony Marotto spun in turn four and was collected by Byler, who had fallen to fifth. Chris McGuire began challenging for the lead at lap five but a debris caution slowed the event on lap six. Before another lap was in the books Byler spun in turn four, again slowing the race. Coming to the end of lap thirteen Chris McGuire spun after contact from a lapped machine, collecting Tony Marotto. With one lap remaining Byler again spun in turn four, setting up a single lap dash for the checkers. After green again flew 2015 champion Fawcett, in his first appearance of the season, went on to the win over Don McGuire, Chris McGuire, Pat Fielding, and Marotto. It was Fawcett’s eleventh career win.


    The Bonnell Auto Group Economods started the biggest field in their history with twenty five starters for their fifteen lap feature. Tyler Frankenberry and Kyle Fellow brought the field to green but Josh Mueller and Brandon Blackshear got together in turn four negating the start. Frankenberry again led from green with Fellows, Harmon, and Chaddock trailing. Chaddock came to third at the end of three laps. At the end of four laps Chaddock was second but Frankenberry had a sizable lead. At six complete Haley Lapcevish spun in turn three, slowing the event and erasing Frankenberry’s lead. On the third attempt to get the race restarted three cars piled up in turn three but the leaders had completed the lap. With the race becoming a “caution-fest” the decision was made to restart single file.  Frankenberry led past the halfway but spun in turn four, turning the lead over to Chaddock with Harmon now second and defending champion Rick Prosser third after starting ninth. Under the yellow flag Chaddock pulled to the pit. Prosser then grabbed the lead at the start line, leading for just one lap before yet another yellow flag flew. Two more cautions slowed Prosser’s march to his second win of the season over Brian Toto,Mitch Wright, opening night winner Steve Haefke, and Mike Harmon.


    The final event of the evening was the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models with Alex Anderson and Travis Martineau leading the way to Roger Osburn’s green flag. On the initial start Ed Bolyard spun up against the turn one rail necessitating a compete restart. Anderson led lap one with former champion Kyle Zimmerman coming to second from third. Anderson led after green with Zimmerman challenging and getting by on the back straight. Khole Wanzer spun in turn four on lap three bringing yellow again. Zimmerman led after five laps with Anderson now second, Breyton Santee, up from ninth on the grid, Dennis Lunger, and Darrell Bossard. At halfway Zimmerman had a quarter lap lead over Anderson who was being challenged by Santee. Travis Martineau spun in turn two again slowing the race and erasing Zimmerman’s lead. Santee came to second at green with Lunger also getting by Anderson before another lap was in. Anderson then spun with eleven complete. Bossard was penalized to the rear for rough driving in the Anderson spin. With Santee and Lunger right on the leader’s rear bumper the race resumed with Lunger slipping high in turn two and losing seven spots. Up front Zimmerman was extending his lead over Santee with Wendell Pinckney third, Chris Withers fourth, and Bossard back up to fifth. Zimmerman built up a several car length lead at the checkers with the top five remaining the same.


    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Late Models:

    Heat 1: Wendell Pinckney, Kyle Zimmerman, Darrell Bossard, Travis Martineau, Breyton Santee, William Pinckney, Corey Ruffo

    Heat 2: Dennis Lunger, Dave Lyon, Khole Wanzer, Alex Anderson, Brandon Porter, Ed Bolyard, Chris Withers (DQ)

    Feature: Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Wendell Pinckney, Chris Withers, Darrell Bossard, Khole Wanzer, Dennis Lunger, Travis Martineau, Corey Ruffo, William Pinckney, Ed Bolyard, Alex Anderson, David Lyon, Brandon Porter


    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

    Heat 1: Josh Ferry, Justin Carlson, Percy McDonald, Jeff Johnson, Bill Taylor, Gary Sullivan, Jesse Gould, John Woodward, Kirk Bradley

    Heat 2: Joel Watson, Troy Johnson, Josh McDonald, Dennis Lunger, Bruce Powell, Cale Crocker, Dan McDonald, Bud Watson

    Feature: Joel Watson, Percy McDonald, Troy Johnson, Justin Carlson, Jesse Gould, Cale Crocker, Gary Sullivan, Kirk Bradley, Josh McDonald, Bud Watson, Dennis Lunger, Bill Taylor, Dennis Dellinger, Josh Ferry, Jeff Johnson, Bruce Powell, Dan McDonald, John Woodward (DNS)


    Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods:

    Heat 1: Josh Mueller, Kyle Fellows, Eric Reinwald, Justin Chaddock, Chuck Steinle Sr, Bob Vogt Jr, Geoff  Conn, Gary Murphy, Steve Haefke (DQ)

    Heat 2: Tyler Frankenberry, Mitchell Wright, Mark Harmon, Brian Toto, Kevin Sergeff, Jim Muma, Kyle Reinwald, Ashley Rogers, Dennis Dellinger (DQ)

    Heat 3: Rick Prosser, Gary Miller, Brandon Blackshear, Brian Lacey, Tom Perkins, Haley Lapcevich, James Myers, Devin Henry (DQ)

    Feature: Rick Prosser, Brian Toto, Mitchell Wright, Steve Haefke, Mike Harmon, Kevin Sergeff, Eric Reinwald, Gary Murphy, Tyler Frankenberry, Brandon Blackshear, Kyle Reinwald, James Myers, Brian Lacey, Geoff Conn, Haley Lapcevich, Tom Perkins, Jim Muma, Gary Miller, Ashley Rogers, Chuck Steinle Jr, Devin Henry, Bob Vogt Jr, Justin Chaddock, Kyle Fellows, Josh Mueller


    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

    Heat 1: Don McGuire, Shawn Fawcett, Tony Marotto, Rob Bates, Brad Church, David Snyder(DNS)

    Heat 2: Russ Byler, Chris McGuire, Pat Fielding, Art Gilcrest, Richard Chess, Ken Lamp

    Feature: Shawn Fawcett, Don McGuire, Chris McGuire, Pat Fielding, Tony Marotto, Art Gilcrest, Ken Lamp, Richard Chess,Russell Byler, Brad Church, Rob Bates, Dave Snyder (DNS)


    McDonalds Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks:

    Heat 1: Andy Proper, Hoyt Mihalak, Zach Chaffin, Jason Easler, Pat Drennan, Joe Keney, Cale Sousa, Zoey Gill

    Heat 2: Bud Sergeff, Kyle Adkins, Casey Harmon, Derrick Tuttle, Brad Cole, Alex Forbes, Emily Stoyer

    Heat 3: Pat Hanlon, Matt Miller, Jake Shipman, Justin Boardman, Mitch Stokes, Jessica Harvey, Shawn McBride

    Feature: Bud Sergeff, Hoyt Hihalak, Jason Easler, Jake Shipman, Casey Harmon, Justin Boardman, Andy Proper, Matt Miller, Joe Keney, Cale Sousa, Jessica Harvey, Emily Stoyer, Zoey Gill, Alex Forbes, Kyle Adkins, Shawn McBride, Mitch Stokes, Pat Hanlon, Derrick Tuttle, Zach Chaffin, Pat Drennan, Brad Cole (DNS)


  • Potosky ends win drought!

    ACWheeler wins first-ever, Easler gets two in a row, Lunger and Prosser score first of season.


    Conneaut, OH (May 13, 2016): Beautiful weather greeted fans and race teams for the second week of the 2016 season that also featured the front-straight wedding of  long-time track employees Jim Balentine and Donna Inskeep. On the track Mike Pototsky finally ended a nine-year absence from the Bonnell Collision Service E-Mods Winner’s Corcle while Dennis Lunger collected his first Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Model win of the year, defending Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods champion Rick Prosser won his first of the year, Leigh Wheeler went to Raceway 7’s Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks Victory Lane for the first time ever, and Jason Easler again demonstrated dominating speed in his McDonald’s Sans & Gravel Mini Stock, handily winning his second feature in as many weeks.


    The first feature on the track was the McDonald Sand & Gravel Mini Stocks, brought to green by Kyle Adkins and Scott Gill. Adkins got high in turn one, winding up against the fence in turn two. After green was again flying, Gill led to turn four when Sergeff and Hoyt Mihalak got by him for first and second. Mihalak took over from Sergeff on the back stretch on lap two. At  lap four seventh staring Jason Easler took over second and set sail for the lead. At halfway Mihalak enjoyed a two length lead with Easler right on the rear bumper of the leader a lap later. With three left Easler was about a foot in front at the line and fully in the lead on the back straight just as sixth-running Scott Gill flipped in turn two, bringing red over the event. At green Easler and Hoyt made contact several times on the first lap of green but then Easler pulled away to his second win in a row to start the season over Mihalak, Sergeff, defending champion Brad Cole, and Justin Boardman.


    Tony Marotto and Guy Adams brought the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks to green with Marotto leading at the end of one lap and Leigh Wheeler coming to second from outside row two. Wheeler, using the low side, got alongside at lap five and was leading a lap later after contact in turn four, which slowed Marotto enough to allow last week’s winner Rob Bates to come to second. At the end of lap eight the engine in Garrett Calvert’s car exploded in smoke and flame right at the finish line, bringing out the red flag. When racing resumed it was Wheeler, Bates, Marotto, Terry Wheeler, and Art Gilchrist leading the way. The order remained the same through the white flag when Marotto suddenly lost power and pulled to the infield on the final lap, and scored fifth.


    Defending champion Rick Prosser started the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod feature from the pole with young Brian Toto to his right. Prosser grabbed the immediate lead with Toto second and last week’s winner Steve Haefke third. On lap four in turn four Mitchell Wright spun, bringing out the first caution. Prosser brought the field back to green then on the back straight Toto got out of shape, “saved” his mount but lost several spots. Coming through turn four at lap six second-running Eric Reinwald spun into a tractor tire on turn four, again slowing the field. At halfway Prosser led eighth starting Chuck Steinle Sr, and Tyler Frankenberry. The finish was Prosser, Steinle Sr, Frankenberry, Mike Harmon, and Brian Toto.


    Darrell Bossard and Khole Wanzer brought the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Model feature to green with Bossard leading lap one over Wanzer and Dennis Lunger. At the line after two laps Wanzer and Wendell Pinckney got together on the main straight nearly getting into the front straight wall but got it straightened out without a crash. Coming out of turn two on lap three Billy Henry and Travis Martineau got together, bringing caution over the field. Pinckney lost power on lap four, coming to a halt in turn three, bringing caution over the field again. At green Kyle Zimmerman came to second with fifth starting Dennis Lunger up to third. At halfway Brandon Porter spun in turn four again slowing the field. The order at this point was Bossard, Zimmerman, Lunger, Dave Lyon, and Breyton Santee. At green Lunger got second and then the lead at the line just as Porter and Bolyard got together inI turn one. Lunger brought the field back to green with Bossard and Zimmerman right behind. Lunger extended his lead until the next caution at lap fifteen when his teammate Travis Martineau hit the wall  in turn one then ending up sitting backward right in the racing  groove. Ed Bolyard spun for the next caution with four to go, relegating himself to the pit after being charged with three. With three laps to go Lyon came to fourth. Bossard made a charge off turn four to the white flag then again for the checkers but came up short each time. Lunger got his first win of the season with Bossard settling for second, Zimmerman third, Lyon fourth, and Santee fifth.


    Josh Ferry and defending champion Percy McDonald brought the Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods to green with McDonald leading lap one over Ferry, Troy Johnson, Mike Potosky, and Bud Watson. With two compete Matt Lux had moved into the top five and caution flew as Dan McDonald clobbered one of the tractor tires in turn four at three complete. At green Johnson came to second with Lux to third. Jesse Gould spun in turn one at four laps in then on green Potosky got by Lux. Potosky tried inside and outside to get by Johnson, finally getting the job done at nine complete. Johnson didn’t give up, coming back alongside at lap eleven but Potosky then pulled away. Caution again flew when pole sitter Ferry and Josh McDonald spun in turn four. Lunger got to third on green then at lap thirteen Potosky, Percy McDonald and Lunger were all fighting for the lead when Josh Ferry again spun out. Potosky was the leader on green with Lunger coming to second and Lux to third. Fifth starting Potosky increased his lead over the rest of the distance, scoring his first win since 2008 over tenth starting Lunger, Lux, John Woodward, and Johnson.


    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:

    Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Dave Airgood, Kyle Zimmerman, Travis Martineau, Brandon Porter, Alex Anderson, Corey Ruffo, Hunter Hulley

    Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Wendell Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Billy Henry, Dave Lyon, Breyton, Santee, William Pinckney, Ed Bolyard

    Feature: Dennis Lunger, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Dave Lyon, Breyton Santee, Dave Airgood, Chris Withers, Khole Wanzer, Alex Anderson, Brandon Porter, William Pinckney, Hunter Hulley, Ed Bolyard, Travis Martineau, Wendall Pinckney


    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

    Heat 1: Mike Potosky, Josh McDonald, Josh Ferry, Troy Johnson, John Woodward, Bill Taylor, Carl McKinney

    Heat 2: Matt Lux, Bud Watson, Percy McDonald, Dan McDonald, Dennis Lunger, Jesse Gould

    Feature: Mike Potosky, Dennis Lunger, Matt Lux, John Woodward, Troy Johnson, Bud Watson, Josh Ferry, Dan McDonald, Bill Taylor, Jesse Gould, Percy McDonald, Josh McDonald, Carl McKinney (DNS)


    Bonnell’s Auto Sales  Economods:

    Heat 1: Eric Reinwald, Rick Prosser, Gary Miller, Tyler Frankenberry, Josh Mueller, Gary Murphy, Kyle Reinwald, Jim Muma, Mike Harmon

    Heat 2: Steve Haefke, Kevin Sergeff, Brian Toto, Chuck Steinle Sr, Gary Miller, Mitchell Wright, Tom Perkins, Dennis Dellinger, Ashley Rogers

    Feature: Rick Prosser, Chuck Steinle Sr, Tyler Frankenberry, Mike Harmon, Brian Toto, Gary Miller, Kevin Sergeff, Mitch Wright, Josh Mueller, Buzz Seitz,Gary Murphy, Jim Muma, Kyle Reinwald,Tom Perkins, Ashley Rogers, Eric Reinwald, Jim Haefke, Dennis Dellinger (DNS)


    Campbell Mini Storage Street Stocks:

    Heat 1: Rob Bates, Tony Marotto, Guy Adams, Leigh Wheeler, Terry Wheeler, Art Gilchrist, Richard Chess, Garrett Calvert

    Feature: Leigh Wheeler, Rob Bates, Terry Wheeler, Art Gilchrist, Tony Marotto, Richard Chess, Garrett Calvert, Guy Adams


    McDonald’s Sand & Gravel Mini Stocks:

    Heat 1: Hoyt Mihalak, Jason Easler, Kyle Adkins, Scott Gill, Brad Cole, Justin Boardman, LoganKeney, Alex Forbes

    Heat 2: Casey Harmon, Bud Sergeff, Pat Drennan, Shawn McBride, Derrick Tuttle, Jessica Harvey, Emily Stoyer, Tyler Barr

    Feature: Jason Easler, Hoyt Mihalak, Bud Sergeff, Brad Cole, Justin Boardman, Casey Harmon, Pat Drennan, Shawn McBride, Emily Stoyer, Derek Tuttle, Scott Gill, Logan Keney, Jessica Harvey, Alex Forbes,Tyler Barr, Kyle Adkins




  • Zimmerman, Watson, Haefke, Bates, and Easler all collect opening night wins!

    Conneaut, OH (May 6, 2016): The 2016 racing season finally got underway at Raceway 7 with all five classes competing in regular length features. Winners included Kyle Zimmerman in the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models, , a former track champion, Joel Watson in the Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods, a multiple former track champion, Steve Haefke in the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods, Rob Bates in the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks, and Jason Easler in the McDonald’s Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks.


    During intermission drivers passed their helmets through the grandstands, collectIng $833 for the family of Charlie Floyd, who passed away April 19 after a crash at Southern Ohio Speedway on April 15th.


    The Campbell Mini  Storage Street Stocks were first on the track with Rob Bates and Jimmy Kennerknecht leading the slim three-car field to Roger Osburn’s green flag. Six cars had signed in and run the heat but David Snyder, Gary Miller, and John Bailey all experienced problems and were unable to start the feature. With the feature length reduced to only six laps Bates led the way with Brandon Groters quickly coming to second. Bates went on to the win, his second feature win at Raceway 7 with Groters winding up second and Kennerknecht third.


    Steve Haefke started the Bonnell Auto Sales Economod feature from the pole with Dan McEwen alongside after scheduled outside pole sitter Jeff Coon opted to fall to the rear. The field only made it to turn one when Eric Reinwald and Brian Toto came together after Buzz Seitz slowed causing a chain reaction. The second attempt at getting the race underway also only made it to turn one when Chuck Steinle Sr looped his mount. Haefke led lap one on the next attempt with Josh Mueller coming from sixth at the green to second. On lap four defending Rick Prosser was challenging for second when Ashley Rogers spun in turn four, bringing caution again over the field. Haefke brought the field back to green with Mueller and Prosser side by side right behind. By the end of five Prosser was second. Toto then looped it in turn one, again bringing caution over the event. On the first lap under green Dan McEwen slowed suddenly in turn three and was hit hard by Buzz Seitz, slowing the field for the fourth time in the first five laps. Caution number five occurred when Kevin Sergeff spun in turn one with the top five now being Haefke, Prosser, Mueller, Eric Reinwald, and Mike Harmon. At halfway Reinwald had moved to third but Haefke and Prosser were opening a lead. With five to go Dennis Dellinger moved into the top five. Brian Toto then came to a halt in turn four, bringing caution number six. Only nine of the twenty starters were still running at the lap ten restart. With two laps remaining Kyle Fellows came to fifth. The finishing order was Haefke, Prosser, Reinwald, Mueller, and Fellows.


    After a tribute to deceased racer Charlie Floyd the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models paced the track in the “Missing Man” formation with the pole position left open in tribute to a fallen comrade. After the tribute pole-sitter Kyle Zimmerman with Breyton Santee on the outside led the fifteen competitors to green. Former champion Zimmerman got sideways in turn one with the resulting pileup seeing Dennis Lunger, Dave Airgood, Brandon Porter, and William Pinckney coming to a halt while Zimmerman was able to right his mount and keep going and not getting charged with the caution and keeping his spot for the restart. For the restart Zimmerman led but Porter spun in turn one, again slowing the field. For the third time Zimmerman and Santee brought the field to green, this time with the race getting going. At the end of three Darrell Bossard was battling for second with Dave Lyon fourth and Dennis Lunger fifth. Wendell Pinckney then spun in turn one. One more lap was green before Brandon Porter and Ed Bolyard spun in turn four.  At six laps complete the top five were now Zimmerman, Bossard, Lunger, Santee, and Matt Latta. The order was the same at halfway. Over the remaining distance Zimmerman increased his lead, winning his ninth career Raceway 7 feature by half a straight over Bossard. Lunger, Santee, and Latta filled out the top five.


    John Woodward and Joel Watson brought the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods to green with Watson, a multiple time champion leading after one lap when yellow flew after Jacob Eucker and Chuck Steinle Jr came together hard at the end of the lap. Eucker had to be towed from the track. Steinle was able to exit the track under power but was unable to rejoin the field. Rookie Josh Ferry got by Woodward for second at the end of two laps with Mike Potosky running fourth and Dan McDonald fifth after four laps complete. By the time of the next caution Watson had a half straight lead when Dennis Lunger spun in turn one. On green Woodward got back by Ferry for second. At halfway the order was Watson, Woodward, Ferry, Troy Johnson (from twelfth), and Mike Potosky. Dan McDonald spun in turn two at thirteen complete for the next caution. Ferry got back to second on green but Watson was cruising to his first win of the new season. At the checkers Watson had a near half straight lead over Ferry with Johnson coming to third with three laps remaining. Woodward wound up fourth with ninth starting Dennis Lunger rounding out the top five.


    The final feature of the 2016 season opener was the McDonald Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks with Alex Forbes and Brian McGarvie leading the way. On green fourth starting Hoyt Mihalak came to the lead but caution flew when Alex Forbes spun in turn three. The restart had McGarvie and Joe Keney on the front row and Mihalak and defending champion Brad Cole in row two. This time Cole jumped to the immediate lead with Mihalak second. In turn four of lap two Shawn McBride struck one of the infield marking tractor tires and rolled side for side, bringing a red flag condition over the raceway. Cole grabbed the lead again when the racing resumed with Casey Harmon second, and Hoyt Mihalak alongside at lap six, the halfway point. At seven complete Easler came to second after clipping one of the infield marking tires and nearly flipping in turn four on an earlier restart. With two laps left Easler was leading and on his way to his first victory of the season at Raceway 7 with Cole, Harmon, Casey Burch and Scott Gill filling out the top five.



    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:

    Heat 1: David Lyon, Matt Latta, Dennis Lunger, Breyton Santee, Chris Withers, Dave Airgood, Ed Bolyard, William Pinckney

    Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Wendell Pinckney, Kyle Zimmerman, Travis Martineau, Khole Wanzer, Alex Anderson, Brandon Porter

    Feature: Kyle Zimmerman, Darrell Bossard, Dennis Lunger, Breyton Santee, Matt Latta, Wendell Pinckney, Travis Martineau, Chris Withers, Khole Wanzer, William Pinckney, Dave Airgood, Dave Lyon, Brandon Porter, Ed Bolyard, Alex Anderson


    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

    Heat 1: Billy Henry, Jake Eucher, John Woodward, Josh Ferry, Dennis Lunger, Chuck Steinle Jr, Bill Taylor

    Heat 2: Joel Watson, Mike Potosky, Dan McDonald, Josh McDonald, Percy McDonald , Troy Johnson

    Feature: Joel Watson, Josh Ferry, Troy Johnson, John Woodward, Dennis Lunger, Billy Henry, Percy McDonald, Dan McDonald, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Mike Potosky, Jacob Eucker, Chuck Steinle Jr


    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

    Heat: Brandon Groters, Rob Bates, Jimmy Kennerknecht, David Snyder, John Bailey, Gary Miller

    Feature: Rob Bates, Brandon Groters, Jimmy Kennerknecht, David Snyder (DNS), Gary Miller (DNS), John Bailey (DNS)


    Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods:

    Heat 1: Josh Mueller, Mitch Wright, Brian Toto, Dennis Dellinger, Brian Lacey, Kyle Fellows, Kevin Sergeff

    Heat 2: Rick Prosser, Eric Reinwald, Jim Muma, Gary Murphy, Jeff Coon, Jace Ferringer, Mike Harmon

    Heat 3: Steve Haefke, Buzz Seitz, Chuck Steinle Sr, Dan McEwen, Ashley Rogers, Tom Perkins

    Feature: Steve Haefke, Rick Prosser, Eric Reinwald, Josh Mueller, Kyle Fellows, Gary Murphy, Kevin Sergeff, Jim Muma, Mike Harmon, Dennis Dellinger, Brian Toto, Dan McEwen, Buzz Seitz, Chuck Steinle Sr, Ashley Rogers, Mitch Wright, Brian Lacey, Jeff Coon, Jace Ferringer (DNS), Tom Perkins (DNS)


    McDonald’s Sand and Gravel Mini Stocks:

    Heat 1: Casey Harmon, Derrick Tuttle, Brian McGarvie, Alex Forbes, Jessica Harvey, Mitch Stokes, Casey Burch

    Heat 2: Kyle Adkins, Hoyt Mihalak, Justin Boardman, Bud Sergeff, Chris Horton, Zoey Gill, Emily Stoyer

    Heat 3: Jason Easler, Scott Gill, Brad Cole, Joe Keney, Mike Barr, Shawn McBride

    Feature: Jason Easler, Brad Cole, Casey Harmon, Casey Burch, Scott Gill, Joe Keney, Hoyt Mihalak, Brian McGarvie, Zoey Gill, Chris Horton, Bud Sergeff, Jessica Harvey, Emily Stoyer, Derek Tuttle, Justin Boardman, Mike Barr, Alex Forbes, Shawn McBride, Kyle Adkins, Mitch Stokes

  • 2016 Information

    2016 Admission Information:

    Absolutely no pets!! nopets

    Friday – Regular Events Gate Opens at 5:30 Races at 7:30

    5 Divisions: Crate Late Models, Emods, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and Econo-Mods

    General Admission

    Adult $10.00

    Children $5.00 (7-14)

    Children 6 & Under Free


    Pit Admission: $25.00 Minimum age 16 All children under 16, a  Parent must fill out Minor Release Form (available at the Pit Gate) and accompany Youth

    Special Events Gate Time Varies Races at 7:30 Admission and Pit Pass Prices Vary By Event

    Raceway 7 is located six miles south of Interstate 90, on Ohio Route 7, just south of Monroe Center (and Bushnell), Ohio. The street address is 4094 Center Rd (there is no mail delivery at this address). For more information on race day, call 440-594-2222. For more information on non-race days, please use our Contact page.

    Approximate Drive Times: Ashtabula, Oh – 20 min Erie, Pa. (Peach &90)- 30 min. Meadville, Pa. – 35 Min Sharon, Pa. – 50 Min. Youngstown, Oh – 1 Hr 15 min Drive Times From Our Great Fans From Alan D – Time from Strongsville, OH = 1 hr 35 min – (worth it for GREAT racing!) From Nancy in Cuyahoga Falls – 1 hr & 45 minutes (90 miles!)

    To add a Drive Time email raceway7@raceway7.com

    Track Specs Raceway 7 is a 7/16 Mile semi-banked clay oval. The track is worked weekly provides 3 to 4 wide racing!

    The Facility Paved Walkways around Main Bleacher and all concession areas, Wheelchair accessible restrooms. Seating capacity of over 5,000

    Concessions Raceway 7 has several concession stands in the General Bleacher area and one concession in the Pit Area offering an assortment of sandwiches and snacks.  Beer concession introduced in 2012.  Great food at great prices!

    What can you bring?

    Coolers limited to 16” (Special Events may be smaller cooler size) No Glass containers No Lawn Chairs

    No Alcohol Permitted!