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  • Featured ImageWright, Groters repeat, Zimmer, Prosser and rain make first Victory Lane visits in 2015!

    Conneaut, OH (May 8, 2015): The weather had threatened all week but when Friday afternoon arrived the skies were clear and racing started for the third time in 2015. Heats were run off with only two caution periods, both coming in the final qualifying event. Josh Ferry set a class record for the Bonnell auto Sales Economods of 19.719. Four of the five feature events were completed but Mother Nature interrupted the final event of the evening, the Specialty Products Mini Stock feature, with just seven laps remaining. The event will be completed next Friday prior to the start of the scheduled events. The completed feature saw two repeat winners, Chad Wright in the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Late Models, and Brandon Groters in the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks. Ken Zimmer, Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods, and Rick Prosser, Bonnell Auto Sales Economods, registered their first wins of the season.

    Dan Sasso started from the pole and blasted into the immediate lead in the Bonnell Collision Center E-Mod feature with Josh McDonald second. Ken Zimmer got by McDonald for second a lap later and was slowly gaining on the leader when caution slowed the field at lap nine when Gary Murphy spin in turn four. When green flag racing resumed Sasso again led over Zimmer, McDonald, and Brent Rhebergen. Coming off turn two on lap twelve Justin Chaddock, in his first-ever appearance at Raceway 7, got sideways, flipping several times side for side down the back straight. Chaddock was ok but the car needed “cradled” off the track. Going into turn one on lap thirteen Sasso, still leading, apparently had a mechanical failure, sliding sideways to a halt and scattering the rest of the field. For the restart it was now Zimmer leading with Brent Rhebergen second from his sixth place starting berth. Chuck Steinle Jr was now up to third from his tenth position on the starting grid. Bud Watson and Percy McDonald were fourth and fifth. Zimmer maintained his lead through to the checkers with Rhebergen winding up second, Steinle third, Percy McDonald fourth, and Bud Watson filling out the top five.

    Outside front row starter, Chad Wright, a former champion and opening night winner, took off with the early lead in the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Late Model feature. Pole-sitter Billy Henry, a former Steel Block Late Model champion, settled into second with Breyton Santee third, Matt Latta fourth, and defending champion Kyle Zimmerman fifth by the halfway point. Wright cruised to his second feature win of the season in the all green event over Henry, Santee, Latta, and Zimmerman.

    The Campbell Mini Storage Street Stocks were led to the green by Chris Hochschild and former champion Ed Bolyard. Hochschild grabbed the early lead over Bolyard and opening night winner Shaun Fawcett. Last week’s winner Brandon Groters came to fourth at lap four and into third at lap six. Mike Harmon and Rob Bates spun heading into turn one on lap eight, slowing the event for the first time. At green Groters immediately came to second and was leading at the end of lap eight. Withers came to third a lap later and to second at lap eleven. At the finish it was Groters, Withers, Hochschild, Bolyard, and Fawcett.

    Rick Prosser led the Bonnell Auto Sales Economods from the drop of the green flag. Third-running Devin Henry came to a halt high in turn four, slowing the event by yellow at lap three. Coming to the green Henry and Terry Akerley got together and spun into the inside barrier in the front straight. Henry retired to the pit with a flat left front. Prosser again took off with the lead over Brad Blackshear, Eric Reinwald, defending champion Josh Ferry, and Chuck Steinle Sr. Ferry got to third at the end of six laps. At halfway Prosser had a half-straight lead. With five laps remaining Steinle spun in turn three, bringing caution again over the field. With two laps remaining Terry Akerley slammed the front straight wall, coming to a halt in turn one, out of the event. The dash to the checkered flag had Prosser leading the way with Ferry right behind. Blackshear wound up third with Eric Reinwald fourth and Bob Bellinger fifth.

    Mitch Stokes and former champion Brad Cole led the Specialty Products Mini Stocks to the green with Cole leading the way at the end of lap one. On the back straight of lap four several cars got together on the back straight including last week’s winner Casey Harmon, defending champion Dale Fraschetti, Jason Easler, Mitch Stokes, and former champion Bud Sergeff with Sergeff winding up in the outside wall. After green Cole was again leading with Fraschetti second and Jason Easler third. A downpour hit at the restart and red was shown. Officials decided to finish the event at the beginning of next week’s racing.
    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:
    Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Wendall Pinckney, Bob Pifer, Khole Wanzer
    Heat 2: Chad Wright, Dave Lyon, Billy Henry, Matt Latta, Bryan Salisbury, William Pinckney (DNS)
    Feature: Chad Wright, Billy Henry, Breyton Santee, Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, Dennis Lunger, David Lyon, Wendall Pinckney, Bryan Salisbury, Bob Pifer, Khole Wanzer, William Pinckney

    Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods:

    Heat 1: Dan Sasso, Jack Young, Brent Rhebergen, Dan McDonald, Bud Watson, Chuck Steinle Jr, Bill Taylor, Alan Atkinson


    Heat 2: Percy McDonald, Kenny Zimmer, Josh McDonald, Paul Schreckengost, Justin Chaddock, Russ Dunn, Gary Murphy

    051515jpg044Feature: Kenny Zimmer, Brent Rhebergen, Chuck Steinle Jr, Percy McDonald, Bud Watson, Alan Atkinson, Bill Taylor, Paul Schreckengost, Dan McDonald, Dan Sasso, Josh McDonald, Jack Young, Justin Chaddock, Gary Murphy, Russ Dunn (DNS)

    Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks:


    Heat 1: Brandon Groters, Ed Bolyard, Chris Hochschild, Jamie Duncan, Mike Harmon (DNS), John Bailey (DNS)


    Heat 2: Mark Frontera, Chris Withers, Shaun Fawcett, Rob Bates, Dan McEwen


    Feature: Brandon Groters, Chris Withers, Chris Hochschild, Ed Bolyard, Shaun Fawcett, Mark Frontera, Jamie admin an, Mike Harmon, John Bailey, Rob Bates, Dan McEwen

    Bonnell Auto Sales Economods:


    Heat 1: Rick Prosser, Eric Reinwald, Russ Kapalin, Devin Henry, Chuck Steinle Sr

    051515jpg156Heat 2: Josh Ferry, Terry Akerly, Brad Blackshear, Bob Bellinger


    Feature: Rick Prosser, Josh Ferry, Brad Blackshear, Eric Reinwald, Bob Bellinger, Terry Akerley, Chuck Steinle Sr, Russ Kapalin, Devon Henry

    Specialty Products Mini Stocks:


    Heat 1: Jason Easler, Dale Fraschetti, Mitch Stokes, Dylan Goodman, Scott Gill, Alex Forbes, Zoey Gill, Kyle Adkins


    Heat 2: Brad Cole, Bud Sergeff, Justin Boardman, Hoyt Mihalak, Logan Keney, Casey Harmon
    Feature: Rinning order at 5 laps complete! Brad Cole, Dale Fraschetti, Jason Easler, Justin Boardman, Hoyt Mihalak, Dylan Goodman, Mitch Stokes, Bud Sergeff, Scott Gill, Zoey Gill, Logan Keney, Alex Forbes, Kyle Atkins

  • Pifer, Groters, Harmon all get first feature wins at Raceway 7, Ferry and McDonald repeat opening night wins!

    Conneaut, OH (May 8, 2015): exceptionally warm temperatures greeted race fans and competitors as the came into Raceway 7 for the second regular event of first class racing this season. At the end of the night Josh Ferry (Zimmer Service Center Economods) and Percy McDonald (Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods), both former track champions, had repeated their opening night wins. Bob Pifer returned to Victory Lane for the first time since moving up to the Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models. While Brandon Groters (Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks) and Casey Harmon (Specialty Products Mini Stocks) collect their first-ever Raceway 7 wins, for Harmon his first anywhere.

    The Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models were the first feature on the track with Bob Pifer and Dave Airgood leading the pack to the green. Pifer led the way after the first lap then disaster struck in turn one when eight cars piled up hard in turn one with Dennis Lunger and Dave Airgood getting “air time”. Lunger and Airgood were unable to continue but the others all continued. Three laps were complete when Matt Latta slowed on the front straight, coming to a halt, bringing caution over the field. Pifer went on to his first ever CARS Crate Late Model win. Dave Lyon challenged most of the event but Pifer started increasing his lead over the last several laps. Defending champion Kyle Zimmerman was third with Breyton Santee fourth and Chad Wright fifth.

    The Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods were next on the track with Brent Rhebergen and Bud Watson at the front of the field. Watson led Rhebergen the first three laps then making way for Rhebergen with Joel Watson coming to third then to second at lap five with Jack Young coming to third a lap later, just as caution flew for Bill Taylor, who had slowed on the front straight. At the restart Young got by Joel Watson on the back straight then Watson spun high in turn four while Young slowed on the front straight.  For the restart it was Rhebergen, Bud Watson, last week’s winner Percy McDonald, Gary Sullivan, and Josh McDonald. Coming out of turn four with eight complete the leader spun in turn four with a flat right-rear tire, again slowing the event. Percy McDonald was now the leader, looking to become the first repeat winner of 2015 with Josh McDonald right behind. Third-running Ken Zimmer suddenly slowed on the back straight at lap fourteen and exited to the pit. After one more caution Percy McDonald went on to the win over Bud Watson, Paul Schreckengost, Josh McDonald, (who had engine problems in the final turns), and Bill Taylor.

    The Specialty Products Mini Stocks had Dylan Goodman on the pole with Casey Harmon alongside. Harmon took off to the immediate lead with former champion Brad Cole coming to second from his fourth starting berth. The race went green until lap eight when Scott Gill slowed on the back straight. Brad Cole got next to Harmon at the restart but Harmon was up to the task, going on to his first ever win. Cole was second, Tyler Fulton wound up third with Jason Easler fourth and Bud Sergeff fifth.

    A seven car field started the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod feature with Eric Reinwald and Rick Prosser leading the field to green. Prosser jumped into the lead at the onset with last week’s winner Josh Ferry starting sixth. Prosser was leading by a straightaway over Reinwald until lap seven when Reinwald spun in turn one, closing the field back, then Russ Kapalin spun on lap nine. On the ensuing restart Prosser led Ferry back to green. Ferry went to the inside on lap thirteen, taking the lead on the backstretch. Ferry went on to win his second feature on the season. Rick Prosser was second, Russ Kapalin third, Gary Miller fourth, and Bob Bellinger fifth.

    Nine cars started the Campbell’s Mini storage Street Stocks with Brandon Groters and Brain Crandall on the front row. Goters immediately took the lead while a battle was going on between Chris Withers and Ed Bolyard for third behind Crandall. Groters lead by a full straightaway and captured his first ever Raceway 7 feature by fourteen seconds over Chris Withers who passed Brain Crandall on lap thirteen for second. Last week’s winner Shawn Fawcett finished fourth with Ed Bolyard fifth.

    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:
    Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Kyle Zimmerman, Bob Pifer, Wendell Pinckney, William Pinckney, Chris Nicholson
    Heat 2: Chad Wright, Dave Lyon, Mike Mitchell, Matt Latta, Khole Wanzer, Billy Henry, Gary Winans
    Feature: Bob Pifer, David Lyon, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Chad Wright, Wendall Pinckney, Billy Henry, Mike Mitchell, Darrell Bossard, William Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Matt Latta, Dave Airgood, Dennis Lunger, Chris Nicholson (DNS)

    Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods:
    Heat 1: Jack Young, Brent Rhebergen, Bud Watson,Bill Henry, Kenny Zimmer, Dan McDonald
    Heat 2: Josh McDonald, Joel Watson, Gary Sullivan, Percy McDonald, Chuck Steinle Jr, Paul Schreckengost
    Feature: Percy McDonald, Bud Watson, Paul Schreckengost, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Jack Young, Gary Sullivan, Chuck Steinle Jr, Ken Zimmer, Brent Rhebergen, Dan McDonald, Joel Watson

    Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks:
    Heat 1: Brandon Groters, Chris Hochschild, Chris Withers, Mike Harmon, Dan McEwen
    Heat 2: Shaun Fawcett, Brian Crandall, Ed Bolyard, Rob Bates
    Feature: Brandon Groters, Chris Withers, Brian Crandall, Shaun Fawcett, Ed Bolyard, Chris Hochschild, Mark Harmon, Rob Bates, Dan McEwen

    Bonnell Auto Sales Economods:
    Heat 1: Rick Prosser, Russ Kapalin, Josh Ferry, Gary Miller, Eric Reinwald, Bob Bellinger, Jace Ferringer (DQ)
    Feature: Josh Ferry, Rick Prosser, Russ Kapalin, Gary Miller, Bob Bellinger, Jace Ferringer, Eric Reinwald

    Specialty Products Mini Stocks:
    Heat 1: Brad Cole, Tyler Fulton, Dale Fraschetti, Alex Forbes, Joe Keney, Hoyt Mihalak, Jason Easler, Scott Gill, Jeannie Fowler
    Heat 2: Casey Harmon, Mitch Stokes, Justin Boardman, Dylan Goodman, Jake Shipman, Zoey Gill, John Bulger, Bud Sergeff (DNS)
    Feature: Casey Harmon, Brad Cole, Tyler Fulton, Jason Easler, Bud Sergeff, Justin Boardman, Dylan Goodman, Mitch Stokes, Jake Shipman, Dale Fraschetti, Hoyt Mihalak, Joe Keney, Alex Forbes, Zoey Gill, John Bulger, Scott Gill, Jeannie Fowler

  • Opening night wins to Wright, McDonald, Fawcett, Ferry, and Mihalak!

    Conneaut, OH (May 1, 2015): For the 45th time Raceway 7 began the new racing season with all five weekly divisions in action. Opening night feature wins were claimed by (Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks)  Shaun Fawcett with an exciting last lap pass, (Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models) Chad Wright, (Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods) Percy McDonald, (Bonnell Auto Sales Economods) defending champion Josh Ferry, and (Specialty Products Mini Stocks) Hoyt Mihalak.

    The Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks were the first feature of the 2015 season and were led to Roger Osburn’s green flag by Brandon Groters and Brian Crandall.  Groters led from the drop of the green with Crandall, Mark Frontera, and defending champion Chris Withers trailing. At lap five Withers got by Frontera for third. At six laps complete Mike Harmon spun into the infield in turn one, slowing the event for the first time. During the caution Groters exited to the pit area with a failed ball joint. Crandall led the field back to green with Withers now second, Frontera third and Shaun Fawcett now fourth. With nine laps in Jimmy Kennerknecht spun in turn one, collecting past champion Ed Bolyard. Again, the leader, Crandall, pulled to the pit wi mechanical ails, leaving Withers now the leader, Frontera second, and Fawcett third. With four laps remaining Fawcett was second, all over the leader looking for the way to the lead.  In turn one on the final lap Fawcett powered by Withers on the outside and went on to his first win of the season. Frontera was third at the line with Jason Covey fourth and Rob Bates fifth.

    The CARS sanctioned Evergreen Lake Park Campground Crate Late Models were led to green by Matt Latta and Chad Wright with Wright leading the way to turn one then both Latta and Dennis Lunger, from the fourth staring berth, tried getting by for the lead coming out of turn two with Latta getting crossed up and spinning into the infield. For the restart Wright and Mike Mitchell were on the front row with Latta Lunger and Wendell Pinckney in row two. Dave Airgood lost control at turn one, again preventing the completion of lap one. Bob Dorman pulled into the infield in turn three, out of the race. At the end of one lap Wright was leading with Mitchell right behind. Lunger, a past track champion and winner on opening night of 2014, took over the runner-up spot on lap two. At halfway the top five were Wright, Lunger, Mitchell, Billy Henry, and 2014 champion Kyle Zimmerman. Zimmerman came to fourth a lap past halfway. At twelve complete Lunger got next to the leader on the back straight but slid up the racing surface in turn three, allowing Wright to hold onto the lead. At sixteen complete Zimmerman was up to third as Wright was now extending his lead. At the checkers it was Wright by several car-lengths over Lunger, Zimmerman, Mitchell, and Henry.

    Dan and Josh McDonald, father and son, led the Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods to the green for their feature with Dan jumping out to the immediate lead. With three laps complete Rick Pratschler spun in turn four, slowing the field for the first time in the event. On the restart it was the elder McDonald leading his son Josh, Mike Potosky, Joel Watson, and Paul Schreckengost back to green. Potosky came to second with Watson third before lap four was complete. Watson was second at the end of five laps. Debris brought out the second caution of the event as the field was coming to the halfway mark. The order was now Dan McDonald, Watson, and Potosky. The field only made it to turn two when Watson and McDonald got together, spinning and collecting Potosky and Jack Young. Under caution, Josh McDonald pulled pit side with problems. Percy McDonald was the new leader with Ken Zimmer now second and Chuck Steinle Jr third.  Schreckengost and Potosky filled out the top five at the halfway point. Rick Pratschler came to a halt at lap eleven for caution number four. After green Potosky got by Steinle for third at lap thirteen. Zimmer hounded McDonald every lap, drawing even in turn three at lap sixteen but momentum kept McDonald ahead the rest of the event for his first win of the season. Zimmer had a tire go flat with one lap remaining allowing Potosky to get by for second, Schreckengost for third, then Steinle fourth, and Dan McDonald fifth.

    Nine Bonnell Auto Sales Economods started their feature with Eric Reinwald and Russ Kapalin leading the way. Rick Prosser, Bob Bellinger, and Dan McEwen got together in turn one, slowing the race immediately. Eric Reinwald spun in turn two on the restart, again slowing the event. Kapalin and Brad Blackshear led the field back to green, this time with all cars running at the end of lap one. Kapalin showed the way with Jace Ferringer coming to second. Blackshear spun in turn two after two laps complete. For the next restart it was Kapalin leading Ferringer and Josh Ferry. Ferry, the defending champion, came to second at the drop of the green but Ferringer reassumed the position before the end of the lap. Dan McEwen then spun at lap three. Again Ferry powered into second at the drop of the green and again Ferringer was second at the end of the lap. Ferringer battled Kapalin, eventually taking over the front spot at lap seven. Then McEwen slowed, spewing smoke, out of turn four and coming to a halt. Ferringer and Ferry battled side by side after green with Ferry getting by just as caution fell again when Rick Prosser spun. Ferringer led the way for another green flag with Ferry trailing for the next two laps until Ferringer slipped high in turn two and falling back to fourth. Ferry then led Kapalin and Blackshear with Ferringer and Young Devin Henry fighting over fourth. Eventually both Ferringer and Henry got by Blackshear. At the finish it was Ferry, Kapalin, Henry, Ferringer and Blackshear.

    The final feature of the evening was the Specialty Products Mini Stocks with defending champion Dale Fraschetti on the pole and Justin Boardman alongside. Fraschetti shot out to the immediate lead with Boardman and Hoyt Mihalak right behind. At the end of lap one Mihalak was second. At halfway Fraschetti had a half straight lead over Mihalak with Boardman third, former champion Brad Cole fourth and Mitch Stokes fifth. Boardman slipped high on lap seven dropping two spots. At nine laps complete Jeannie Fowler got into the wall on turn two, slowing the action for the only time in the event. At the restart for the final three laps it was Fraschetti leading Mihalak, Cole, Stokes, and Boardman. Fraschetti led until lap ten when he slowed on the back straight, out of fuel, handing the lead over to Mihalak, who went on to his first win of the season over Cole, Boardman, Scott Gill, and Dylan Goodman.

    Evergreen Lake Park Campground CARS Crate Late Models:
    Heat 1: Kyle Zimmerman, Dennis Lunger, Chad Wright, William Pinckney, Khole Wanzer, Bob Pifer, Bryan Salisbury, Chris Nicholson
    Heat 2: Billy Henry, Wendall Pinckney, Matt Latta, Mike Mitchell, Dave Airgood, Bob Dorman, Breyton Santee, Jorden Peters
    Feature: Chad Wright, Dennis Lunger, Kyle Zimmerman, Mike Mitchell, Billy Henry, Wendell Pinckney, Matt Latta, Bob Pifer, Breyton Santee, Khole Wanzer, Jorden Peters, William Pinckney, Dave Airgood, Bob Dorman, Chris Nicholson (DNS), Bob Dorman ( DNS)

    Bonnell Collision Center E-Mods:
    Heat 1: Percy McDonald, Mike Potosky, Chuck Steinle Jr, Gary Murphy, Jason Longwell, Bill Taylor, Ken Zimmer
    Heat 2: Joel Watson, Dan McDonald, Josh McDonald, Paul Schreckengost, Rick Pratschler, Jack Young
    Feature: Percy McDonald, Mike Potosky, Paul Schreckengost, Chuck Steinle Jr, Dan McDonald, Ken Zimmer, Bill Taylor, Rick Pratschler, Joel Watson, Josh McDonald, Jack Young, Gary Murphy, Jason Longwell (DNS)

    Campbell’s Mini-Storage Street Stocks:
    Heat 1: Shaun Fawcett, Brandon Groters, Brian Crandall, Jason Covey, Ron Boardman, Rob Bates, Dan McEwen
    Heat 2: Ed Bolyard, Mark Frontera, Chris Withers, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Mike Harmon, Jamie Duncan, Kyle Reinwald, Bill Banick Jr
    Feature: Shaun Fawcett, Chris Withers, Mark Frontera, Jason Covey, Rob Bates, Ed Bolyard, Ron Boardman, Bill Banick Jr, Mike Harmon, Brian Crandall, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Brandon Groters, Dan McEwen, Chris Hochschild, Kyle Reinwald, Jamie Duncan (DNS)

    Bonnell Auto Sales Economods:
    Heat 1: Rick Prosser, Josh Ferry, Brad Blackshear, Dan McEwen, Devin Henry
    Heat 2: Jace Ferringer, Russ Kapalin, Eric Reinwald, Bob Bellinger
    Feature: Josh Ferry, Russ Kapalin, Devin Henry, Jace Ferringer, Brad Blackshear, Eric Reinwald, Bob Bellinger, Rick Prosser, Dan McEwen

    Specialty Products Mini Stocks:
    Heat 1: Dylan Goodman, Hoyt Mihalak, Brad Cole, Justin Boardman, Jason Easler, Bud Sergeff, Tommy Joyce
    Heat 2: Dale Fraschetti, Mitch Stokes, Scott Gill, Joe Keney, Logan Keney, Jeannie Fowler
    Feature: Hoyt Mihalak, Brad Cole, Justin Boardman, Scott Gill, Dylan Goodman, Jason Easler, Joe Keney, Logan Keney, Mitch Stokes, Dale Fraschetti. Bud Sergeff, Jeanne Fowler, Tommy Joyce

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  • Cars Payout!


    Lias tire is pleased to announce the point fund payout for the first season of the Crate American Racer Series (CARS). The $20,000 point fund will pay out through the top 20 positions in the overall standings with the program champs portion being $5,000. We look forward to possibly growing the point fund with the partnership of future sponsors as the season approaches.

    1st $5,000

    2nd $2,500

    3rd $2,000

    4th $1,500

    5th $1,250

    6th $1,000 Continue reading  Post ID 2012

  • CARS Crate Meeting!


    CARS will be hosting a meeting for drivers this weekend Saturday, Feb. 28  12:00 noon at the Lias Tire speed shop!

    This will be an informational meeting that will go over all rules, program format, and payout for our 2015 season.

    CARS Registration will also be available for $40 then for those present.

    Address: 488 N 5th Street Indiana, PA 15701

    Any questions you can call us at 800-638-7028!

    Dustin Leverknight
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