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Raceway 7

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The Lucas Oil Latemodels Oct. 2nd Friday night’s event at Raceway 7, dubbed the Great Lakes 50, has been canceled due to the forecasted rain for Conneaut, Ohio. Saturday’s Pittsburgher 100 at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway is still on as originally scheduled.

Thanks to all our fans and race teams for a great year given the circumstances with 2020.

Hope to see everyone next season. Stay safe.
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Veterans win at Raceway 7!
Henry, Potosky, Fielding, Young, and Harvey end season on high notes!

Conneaut, OH (August 21, 2020): The last regular “Five Star Show” of 2020 at Raceway 7 saw seasoned veterans grabbing the wins and the cash and prestige that go with them. Billy Henry went to Victory Lane for the first time in five years in the RUSH Late Model finale, champion Mike Potosky was the winner in the E-Mod season-ender, Pat Fielding, another former champion, prevailed in the Street Stock feature, newly crowned champion Nate Young showed his championship form in the Economod feature, and Jessica Harvey pulling in an additional win on the year.

The first feature of the evening was for the Mini Stocks with outside pole-sitter Jacob Wheeler grabbing the lead at the start over Justin Bailey and Alan Sousa, side by side for second. Harvey, and Andrew Smith filled out the top five. At lap two it was Lawrence and Bailey side by side for second with Sousa now fourth and Smith fifth. At three laps Mitchell Rex was now fifth. Lawrence, a five time winner this season took over the top spot on the back stretch of lap four. At halfway the order was Harvey, Wheeler, Bailey, Smith, and Sousa. Caution was shown on lap seven when Rex slowed to a halt on the back straight. After green Smith got to third at lap eight and Siekkinen came to fifth on the backstretch at nine. With two to go Sousa San Siekkinen were side by side for fifth. Sousa got the position in the last lap. The top five were Harvey, Wheeler, Smith, Bailey, and Sousa.

The Economods started their 20-lap feature with Matt Alexander and Garrett Calvert on the front row. With one lap in, Alexander was leading Jarett Young, Dustin Demattia, Jeremy Double, and Zack Lenart. Demattia then spun in turn two on lap two with with Hayden Loomis, Dale Reiser, and Cale Sousa getting involved. Demattia and Calvert pitted under the yellow but Calvert returned to the race before green was again shown. Double took over at the front at lap two with Alexander second, then Jarett Young, Justin Sax, and Lenart. Hayden Lewis spun in turns three and four on lap two, his second charged caution. After restarting, Double again led over Jarett Young, Alexander, Lenart, and Billy Cunningham. At lap five, another caution fell, this time for Reiser, spun in turn two. Under the caution Double slowed to a stop on the back straight, his night over. The leader was now Jarett Young with Alexander second. 2020 champion Nate Young was in a battle with Lenart for third with Billy Cunningham fifth. Vincent Dipizzo spun in turn three at lap six. Again at lap eight Dipizzo spun and was hit hard by Hayden Loomis. For the green it was Jarett Young, Nate Young, Alexander, Bob Vogt, and Lenart. Alexander was second at nine laps with Nate Young retaking the spot on the back chute. At the halfway point Mike Harmon spun in turns three and four with the front five now Jarett Young, Nate Young, Alexander, Vogt, and Justin Sax. Billy Cunningham was fifth at eleven laps when Gary Sullivan, Edward Roberts, and Dale Reiser spun. Being Reiser’s third spin of the event, he was sent pitside. Under the caution Bob Vogt pitted. At this point, with nine laps and nine cars left, the thirty-minute time limit was only four minutes away and the drivers were told that the next caution might end the event. A red flag, stopping the clock, was shown at this point as the third-turn area had gathered debris and needed cleaned. For the restart on lap twelve it was Jarett Young, Nate Young, Alexander, Billy Cunningham, and Sax. Cousins Jarett and Nate Young ran side by side on the back straight on the first lap under green with Nate leading at the end of the lap. With seven laps left yet another yellow flew at lap thirteen when Lenart stopped in turn two. Seven of the nineteen starters were still running at this time. Billy Cunningham came to third at lap sixteen. The lead with three laps left was 1.185 seconds. At the finish Nate Young led by 1.489 seconds over Jarett Young after starting eleventh. Billy Cunningham finished third with Alexander fourth, and Sax fifth.

Former track champion Pat Fielding and June 26 winner Joe Stajnrajh brought the Street Stocks to green with Fielding, Stajnrajh, Ed Bolyard, Gary Miller, and Rusty Wheeler setting the pace. Mike Horton also spun at the green. Turn two of lap two was the site of the next caution, again with Horton involved, another spin. Jamie Duncan headed to the infield in the incident. Fielding continued to lead with Bolyard second over Stajnrajh, Wheeler now fourth, and Miller fifth. Wheeler got to third at seven complete and second at nine laps. The halfway order was Fielding, Stajnrajh, Wheeler, Bolyard, and Miller. Miller spun from fifth in turn two and was hit hard by Duncan with Tom Teed also involved. The rest of the event ran smooth with Fielding going on to the win over Wheeler, Stajnrajh, Wesley McCray, and Bolyard.

Randy Hall and Jeff Johnson brought the E-Mod feature to green with Hall, a former champion, leading lap one over Johnson, fifth starting Mike Potosky, Tom Rockwell, and Brandon Grossman. Potosky was second at two laps as the field traversed the back straight with Dennis Lunger coming into the top five. At the end of the back straight on lap four Potosky looked to the high side and drove around Hall to lead the lap as they crossed the stripe. At five laps the order was Potosky, Hall, Rockwell, Jeff Johnson, and Troy Johnson, with Lunger now sixth. At lap seven Potosky had opened a 1.146 second lead but it disappeared as Grossman spun in turn two, collecting Geoff Conn, Jim Plance, Chuck Steinle, and Chris Peterson, who appeared to spin to avoid contact. On green Rockwell went way wide in turns one and two, falling all the way to the tail of the field. At nine laps in Josh McDonald spun, collecting August 7 winner Casey Bowers. At the halfway point the battle for the lead was very tight, with only 0.069 second separating Potosky from his closest pursuer, Troy Johnson, a former champion. At lap fourteen the difference was only 0.026 second. With six laps remaining Jesse Gould and Gary Eicher went into the spin cycle in turn one. Potosky now led Troy Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Hall, and 2020 champion Brent Rhebergen. Lunger got to second at lap fifteen and was 0.044 second behind at lap sixteen. With the white flag flying Potosky led Lunger and Troy Johnson, his lead now 0.404 second. At the checkers Potosky was the winner with Troy Johnson getting the runner-up spot, then Lunger, Rhebergen, and Hall filling out the top five.

John Watson and Billy Henry brought the RUSH Late Models to green with Henry establishing the lead by turn two on lap one of the twenty lap contest. Watson was second at the end of one lap with opening night winner Josh Ferry third, Steve Hollabaugh fourth, and former champion Darrell Bossard rounding out the top five. Yellow flew as the leaders completed lap one when Tyler Allison and D J Krug spun in turn three. After green yellow again flew when Jonathan Stockdale and Chris Withers spun in turn two. At green Ferry quickly got to second, looking to “bookend” his season. Yellow yet again at lap three as John Oakes spun in turn four. Bossard was challenging for third at four laps with Watson hanging on to the spot to lap five. Henry was speeding off to a 2.061 second lead at the end of nine laps and increasing it at eleven laps when Krug and Oakes spun in turn four. With five to go Henry had again sped out to a 2.158 second lead over Ferry, Bossard, August 7 winner Breyton Santee, and former champion Kyle Zimmerman. The race was heating up for second with only 0.034 second separating Ferry and Bossard. At lap eighteen Ferry was second. The finish order was Henry, Ferry, Bossard, Santee, and Zimmerman.

Mini Stocks
Heat 1: Jessica Harvey, Mitchell Rex, Alan Sousa, Tyler Fedorko, Anna Vassen, Collin Deering, Derrick Randolph
Heat 2: Jacob Wheeler, Justin Bailey, Andrew Smith, Alex Siekkinen, Tristan Start, Dalton Eggleston, Josie Kish, Sean Murphey
Feature: Jessica Harvey, Jacob Wheeler, Andrew Smith, Justin Bailey, Alan Sousa, Alex Siekkinen, Derrick Randolph, Tristan Start, Dalton Eggleston, Collin Deering, Mitchell Rex, Sean Murphey, Josie Kish, Anna Vassen, Tyler Fedorko (DNS)

Heat 1: Justin Carlson, Gary Eicher, Mike Potosky, Jeff Johnson, Geoff Conn, Jim Plance, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Jr
Heat 2: Casey Bowers, Dennis Lunger, Chris Peterson, Brandon Grossman, Josh Mcdonald, Ryan Johnson, Al Brewer
Heat 3: Troy Johnson, Randy Hall, Brent Rhebergen, Tim Rockwell, Jesse Gould, Hunter Hulley, Adam Ashcroft
Feature: Mike Potosky, Troy Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Brent Rhebergen, Randy Hall, Justin Carlson, Jeff Johnson, Tim Rockwell, Jim Plance, Mark Titis, Gary Eicher, Jesse Gould, Josh McDonald, Casey Bowers, Brandon Grossman, Geoff Conn, Chris Peterson, Chuck Steinle Jr, Bryon Johnson, Hunter Hulley (DNS)

Street Stocks
Heat 1: Pat Fielding, Gary Miller, Mike Horton, Tom Teed, Troy Dezarn, Donald Dezarn
Heat 2: Rusty Wheeler, Joe Stajnrajh, Cody Dean, Jamie Duncan, Carl Marcy
Heat 3: Ed Bolyard, Wesley Mccray, Jonathan Davis, David Baker, Jason Black (Dns)
Feature: Pat Fielding, Rusty Wheeler, Joe Stajnrajh, Wesley McCray, Ed Bolyard, David Baker, Troy Dezarn, Donald Dezarn, Gary Miller, Cody Dean, Tom Teed, Mike Horton, Jamie Duncan, Jonathan Davis, Jason Black (DNS), Carl Marcy (DNS)

Heat 1: Jeremy Double, Justin Chaddock, Billy Cunningham, Bill Cunningham, Vincent Depizzo, Cale Sousa, Brian Lacey (Double Sets New Track Record Of 19.477 For Economods, Old Record Of 19.591 Set May 17, 2019 By Kyle Miller)
Heat 2: Matt Alexander, Garrett Calvert, Justin Sax, Nate Young, Bob Vogt, Mike Harmon
Heat 3: Dustin Demattia, Jarett Young, Zack Lenart, Gary Sullivan, Dale Reiser, Hayden Loomis, Brandon Porter
Feature: Nate Young, Jarett Young, Billy Cunningham, Matt Alexander, Justin Sax, Bill Cunningham, Gary Sullivan, Zack Lenart, Bob Vogt Jr, Dale Reiser, Brandon Porter, Cale Sousa, Mike Harmon, Justin Chaddock, Vincent Dipizzo, Hayden Loomis, Jeremy Double, Garrett Calvert, Dustin Demattia, Brian Lacy (DNS)

Rush Late Models
Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Billy Henry, Kyle Zimmerman, Gary Youngs, D J Krug
Heat 2: John Oakes, Steve Hollabaugh, Breyton Santee, Chris Withers, Tyler Allison
Heat 3: Josh Ferry, John Watson, Jonathan Stockdale, John Lacki, Jacob Peterson
Feature: Billy Henry, Josh Ferry, Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Kyle Zimmerman, John Lacki, John Watson, Jacob Peterson, John Stockdale, Chris Withers, John Oakes, Steve Hollabaugh, Tyler Allison, D J Krug, Gary Youngs
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Genco, Holden, Watson, Young, and Harvey win at Raceway 7! Two in a row for Harvey after apparent winner DQ’d. By Jay Pees

Conneaut, OH (July 3, 2020): An action-packed night of racing thrilled fans with veterans gaining wins, a roll-over, and a disqualification due to illegal parts with 125 entries spread over the five divisions. On top of all that, fans were treated to a giant display of Fireworks by Gibson of Titusville during intermission. At the end of the night Jason Genco was in the RUSH Late Model Victory Lane, Kole Holden had prevailed over the RUSH Modifieds field, Raceway 7’s winningest driver, Joel Watson, added yet another E-Mod win, Jarett Young won the Economod feature, and Jessica Harvey got her second consecutive Mini Stock win.

Seventeen RUSH Modifieds started their 20-lap feature with Kole Holden and David Kalb Jr on the front row. Holden took the immediate lead with Kalb, Preston Cope, Chas Wolbert, and Kyle Martel filling out the top five after one complete lap. Wolbert came to third at the end of three laps. Caution flew at lap six when Jacob Jordan, Gage Priester, and Jessica Kriegisch tangled in turn four. On lap seven Wolbert took over second and was challenging for the lead at lap nine. The halfway point had Holden leading Wolbert, Kalb, Martel, and Rob Kristyak. Yellow flew again at lap thirteen for a spin by Priester on turn four. At the green Greg Porter spun around on the front straight and headed pitside under the caution. With six left Holden was still in front with Kalb and Martel side by side for the runner-up spot. With five to go Chelsie Kriegisch slowed to a stop in turn two. The race ran green over the remaining distance with Holden picking up the win over Martell, Kristyak, Kalb Jr, and Wolbert.

John Woodward and Jason Genco started the RUSH Late Model feature from the front row with Woodward leading to turn two where Genco took over the lead, never to lose it despite several valiant tries by defending champion Darrell Bossard. Woodward was second at the end on one lap with Breyton Santee third, Dave Airgood fourth, and defending champion Darrell Bossard fifth. Caution flew at lap one when Jacob Peterson and John Lacki spun in turn four. Bossard was third at two laps when the yellow was shown at lap three for Josh Ferry and and Billy Henry, spun in turn four. At two laps Bossard was challenging for the lead when Henry slapped the wall in turn two, but did not stop. He then retired pitside. At six laps, Bossard was again challenging for the lead in turns three and four but Genco was the leader at the stripe. At lap eight Genco was opening a lead over Bossard. The halfway point saw Genco leading Bossard, Airgood, Santee, and Chad Sines. One lap past halfway, in turn three, Brandon Porter spun and backed into the wall. Airgood took over second on lap twelve but Bossard again held the position at thirteen. Bossard made a final gallant attempt for the lead on the final run to the checkers but came up short At the checkers it was Genco over Bossard by a mere .030 second with Airgood third, Santee fourth, and Sines fifth.

Brent Rhebergen and Troy Johnson, both former champions, started the E-Mod feature from the front row with yellow negating the start when Percy McDonald and Eric Reinwald spun in turn four. McDonald pitted but returned prior to the green again being shown. Rhebergen led Johnson, Joel Watson, Josh McDonald, and Dan McDonald through lap one, when caution was shown for Alan Atkinson, stopped in turn four. Watson was second at two laps and Josh McDonald came to third a lap later. Casey Bowers entered the top five at four laps then Dan McDonald had it at five. At seven laps Watson was starting to close the .899 second gap, narrowing it to .305 at nine laps, then side by side in turns three and four. At halfway Rhebergen was again in sole possession of the lead but at lap eleven his lead was cut to 1/100 second. Watson was the leader next time by the flag by .615. He began pulling away but caution closed the gap, now 1.287, when Dan McEwen spun in turn four at lap fourteen. At fifteen Josh McDonald powered into second ahead of Rhebergen, Dennis Lunger (who had driven from 24th to fourth in his “backup” car, retrieved from his home when his primary car had issues in the heat), and Troy Johnson. Casey Bowers charged into fourth from sixth at lap sixteen. Johnson then got back to fourth at seventeen with Lunger back to fifth. The final caution came at lap seventeen when Dan McDonald slowed to a halt in turn two. At the finish it was Watson, Josh McDonald, Lunger , Rhebergen, and Johnson. Lunger picked up two spots on the final lap.

Justin Chaddock and veteran Bill Cunningham, a former E-Mod champion, brought the Economods to green with Chaddock leading the way over Justin Sax, Billy Cunningham, Jarett Young , and Bill Watson. Dustin Demattia spun at turn three, with zero laps complete. When green was again displayed it was Jarett Young taking the lead on the back straight but again yellow was out when Andrew Pisarchick spun in turn four. When lap one was finally complete it was Jarett Young leading Nate Young, Chaddock, Garrett Calvert, and Judson Fell. Mitchell Wright and John Boyd spun in turn four at three laps. At four, Jarett Young was leading a side by side battle for second between Nate Young and Chaddock with Fell fourth, and Calvert fifth. With five to go it was Jarett Young, Nate Young, Calvert, Chaddock, and Fell with the order remaining that, through to the checkers.

Mike Barr and Corry Wick brought the Mini Stocks to green with Wick leading Pete Blaczak, Jessica Harvey, Barr, and Shane Shook filling out the top five. Blaczak challenged for the lead at lap three with Jessica Harvey coming to second. At four laps Harvey was leading, looking for her second consecutive win. At five laps it was Harvey leading Wick, Emily Stoyer, Shook, and Blaczak. Wick made a sliding ride through the infield out of turn four at lap six, falling to fifth as a result. At eight laps the back-markers were caught by the leaders with Shook narrowing the gap on the lead. With two laps left Kevin Watson and Justin Bailey spun in turn four. On the green Emily Stoyer stopped in turn three and Barr stopped in turn four. With two laps to go Shook and Harvey were side by side on the back stretch with Shook enjoying a full car length lead at the white flag. When lap twelve was complete it was Shook leading Harvey, Blaczak, Dalton Speer, and Lane Reinwald. However, in post race inspection, an illegal part (a “locked” transmission) was found on Shook’s car and the win was awarded to Harvey, her second in a row. That pit former champion, Joe Campbell, into fifth in the final rundown.

RUSH Late Models:
Heat 1: Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, John Woodward, Colby Beighey, Steve Hollabaugh, Jacob Peterson, John Lacki
Heat 2: Chad Sines, Dave Airgood, Steve Dixon, Joe Long, T J Downes, Jonathan Stockdale, D J Krug
Heat 3: Jason Genco, John Watson, Josh Ferry, Corry Sines, Brandon Porter, Tyler Allison, Zach Kane
Heat 4: Breyton Santee, Billy Henry, Bud Watson, Kyle Zimmerman, Dennis Dellinger, Lon Emrick, Buck Mason, Buck Mason
B-Main: John Lacki, Zach Kane, Jacob Peterson, Tyler Allison, D J Krug, Lon Emrick Jonathon Stockdale
Feature: Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Dave Airgood, Breyton Santee, had Sines, Kyle Zimmerman, Bud Watson, Matt Latta, Steve Dixon, Joe Long, Josh Ferry, Zach Kane, Steve Hollabaugh, Brandon Porter, Cory Sines, Colby Beighey, T J Downes, John Woodward, John Watson, John Lacki, Jacob Peterson, Billy Henry, Dennis Dellinger (DNS), Tyler Allison (DNS)

Heat 1: Troy Johnson, Josh McDonald, Casey Bowers, Jeff Solinger, Steve Rex, Larry Kugel, Jeff Johnson, Hunter Hulley
Heat 2: Mike Kinney, Dan McDonald, Brent Rhebergen, Mark Titus, Eric Reinwald, Al Brewer, Brandon Grossman, Gary Eicher
Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Joel Watson, Alan Atkinson, Percy McDonald, Chuck Steinle, Tyler Frankenberry, Randy Hall, Dan McEwen
Feature: Joel Watson, Josh McDonald, Dennis Lunger, Brent Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, Casey Bowers, Mike Kinney, Steve Rex, Randy Hall, Jeff Solinger, Percy McDonald, Al Brewer,Larry Kugel, Mark Titus, Alan Atkinson, Eric Reinwald, Brandon Grossman, Dan McDonald, Dan McEwen, Tyler Frankenberry, Chuck Steinle Jr, Jeff Johnson (DNS), Gary Eicher (DNS) Hunter Hulley (DNS)

RUSH Modifieds:
Heat 1: David Kalb Jr, Kole Holden, Rob Kristyak, Chelsie Kriegisch, Jessica Kriegisch, Dave Price
Heat 2: Kyle Martel, Tony Tatgenhorst, Preston Cope, Ayden Cipriani, Greg Porter, Jacob Jordan
Heat 3: Brandon Ritchey, Chaz Wolbert, Amelia Clay, Gary Haupt, Gage Priester
Feature: Kole Holden, Kyle Martell, Rob Kristyak, David Kalb Jr, Chas Wolbert, Preston Cope, Brandon Ritchey, Ayden Cipriani, Tony Tatgenhorst, Amelia Clay, Jacob Jordan, Gary Haupt, Chelsie Kriegisch, Greg Porter, Gage Priester, Dave Price, Jessica Kriegisch

Heat 1: Nate Young, Bill Cunningham, Bill Watson, Garrett Calvert, Justin Sax, Mitchell Wright, Billy Cunningham, Hayden Loomis, Kyle Adkins
Heat 2: Andy Buckley, Kyle Layton, Jeremy Double, Jarett Young, Mike Harmon, Donald May, Andrew Pisarchick, Bob Vogt
Heat 3: Dustin Demattia, Judson Fell, Matt Alexander, Justin Chaddock, John Boyd, Alex Broadway, Chris Runyon, Derek Connors
Feature: Jarett Young, Nate Young, Garrett Calvert, Justin Chaddock, Judson Fell, Andy Buckley, Dustin Demattia, Billy Cunningham, Bob Vogt Jr, Kyle Adkins, Bill Watson, Matt Alexander, John Boyd, Kyle Layton, Andrew Pisarchick, Russ Kapalin, Derek Connors, Mitchell Wright, Mike Harmon, Jeremy Double, Justin Sax, Bill Cunningham, Dennis Lunger (DNS), Chris Runyon (DNS), Donald May (DNS)

Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Emily Stoyer, Dalton Speer, Corry Wick, Bondy Stoyer, Joe Campbell, Cale Sousa, Mark Braden, Tristan Start
Heat 2: Lane Reinwald, Jessica Harvey, Pete Blazczak, J R Shaner, Justin Bailey, Bodey McClintoch, Kevin Watson, Krista Start (DNS)
Heat 3: Zoey Gill, Shane Shook, Alan Susa, Jeremy Start, Alexis Vogt, Taylor Vancise, Tyler Clark, Pat Hanlon
Heat 4: Brad Cole, Chris Bugielski, Mike Barr, Devin Haefke, Charles McClintoch, 21, Alex Siekkinen, Trisha Jacklett
B-Main: Pat Hanlon, Kevin Watson, Trisha Jacklett, Mark Braden, Krista Start, 21, Ana Vassen, Tristan Start, Tyler Clark, Cale Sousa, Alex Siekkinen, Bodey McClintoch
Feature: Jessica Harvey, Pete Blazczak, Dalton Speer, Lane Reinwald, Joe Campbell, Brad Cole, Pat Hanlon, J R Shaner, Chris Bugielski, Mike Barr, Corry Wick, Trisha Jacklett, Kevin Watson, Devin Haefke, Bondy Stoyer, Alexis Vogt, Charles McClintoch, Zoey Gill, Emily Stoyer, Justin Bailey, Alan Susa, Jeremy Start (DNS), Mark Braden (DNS), Shane Shook (DQ)

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After beating some early rain drops, and getting through the evenings events in record time, five new drivers took victories, to mark the second week of the 2020 racing campaign. In the first feature of the night, Matt Alexander took honors in the Economod feature, Garrett Krummert won his first ever Raceway 7 feature, in the first appearance of the RUSH Modifieds, Mike Kinney continued his 2019 championship ways by scoring the victory in the E-Mods, Miss Jessica Harvey was victorious in the Mini-Stock main, and Joe Stajnrajh claimed his first ever Street Stock victory.

Brandon Ritchey and Rob Kristyak would bring down the 17 car starting field, in the RUSH Modifieds 20 lap event. Kristyak would get the jump as the green waved, to only have the races first of five cautions fly, as the Jacob Jordan, Kole Holden, and Ayden Cipriani would come together between turns one and two. On the second restart, Kristyak would once again get the jump, as you could almost throw a blanket over positions third through six, as Kristyak and eight starting Garrett Krummert would enagage in a race long battle, as the race reached the mid point. Krummert would make his winning move using the inside lane, coming out of turn two, on lap sixteen, to cruise to his first ever Raceway 7 victory. Kristyak secured second, Chas Wolbert came home third, Brandon Ritchey placed forth, and Kyle Martell rounded out the top.

Mike Kinney, showed he hasen’t lost a step from his 2019 E-Mods championship run, by winning his first main event, of 2020. Josh McDonald and Eric Reinwald would lead down the nineteen car field to start the E-Mod A-Main. McDonald would take a comfortable lead at the outset, until the first caution waved on lap two, as Brent Rhebergen, Scott Stiffler, and Chuck Steinle Jr. came together in turn four. Stiffler was the only car that wouldn’t continue. McDonald would once again take control as the green waved, as Randy Hall, Eric Reinwald, and Joel Watson would mix it up behind him in their bid to the front. McDonald would hold on to the lead, until McKinney would take control coming out of turn two, on lap eight, to go on two claim the narrow victory over past champion, Randy Hall. Joel Watson ended up third, Josh McDonald held on to fourth, and Brent Rhebergen after going to the tail twice, after being involved in two early race incidents, brought home fifth.

Billy Cunningham, and 2000 E-Mod Champion, Bill Watson would bring the nineteen car Economod feature to green. Watson, would lead the field through a series of lap two cautions. On the restart, Watson would take a slim advantage over fifth starting, Matt Alexander. Watson, would hold the lead until Alexander would take command on lap four. While in front, Dustin Demattia, Justin Chaddock, Bill Watson, and Nate Yoiung had a fierce battle going on for second through fifth. Alexander weathered a few late race cautions and Demattia to hold on to a 0.340 victory, to secure his first win of 2020. Chaddock rode home third, Nate Young fourth, and Zack Lenart rounded out the top five.

In the 12 lap Mini-Stock main event. Mike Barr along with Pat Hanlon would bring the 24 car Mini-Stock field to green. Hanion would take the lead on lap one, until a caution would come out for debris. On the lap one restart, the red would wave for a multi-car pile up, involving, Kevin Watson, Brad Cole, Mark Lawrence, Chris Bugielski, and Tristan Start. During the red flag situation, race leader, Pat Hanion would fall from the event giving the lead over to, Waterfords, Jessica Harvey. Jessica Harvey would hold off many valiant attempts by Dalton Speer. Speer tried a series of outside moves in the last couple laps, but couldn’t muster enough challenge to get around the calm and cool Harvey. Speer, Emily Stoyer, Pete Blazczak, and Trisha Jacklett would round out the top.

In the 15 lap Street Stock feature, Pat Fielding and Joe Stajnrajh would bring the field to green. Fielding would get the jump and lead the first two laps, until Stajnrajh would get a run on the high side coming out of turn four for the lead on lap three. While Stajnrajh built up a comfortable lead, last weeks winner, Paul Davis was picking off the field towards his bid to the front. Sixth starting, Davis would pull even a few times after a lap ten caution, but Stajnrajh would engineer enough distance in the remaining four laps to go on to win his first ever, Raceway 7 Street Stock victory. Davis, Fielding, Curt Bish Jr. and Jamie Duncan rounded out the top five.

RUSH Modifieds: Car Count: 17

Heat 1: 1)Rob Kristyak 2)Chas Wolbert 3)Brandon Ritchey 4)Chelsie Kriegisch 5)Jacob Jordan

Heat 2: 1)Garrett Krummert 2)Gary Haupt 3)Greg Porter 4)Kyle Martell 5)Jordan Ehrenberg 6)Dave Kalb Jr.

Heat 3: 1)Tony Tatgenhorst 2)Ayden Cipriani 3)Amelia Clay 4)Nathen McDowell 6) Dave Price

Feature: 1) Garrett Krummert 2)Rob Kristyak 3) Chas Wolbert 4) Brandon Ritchey 5) Kyle Martell 6)Gary Haupt 7)Jacob Jordan 8)Tony Tatgenhorst 9)Dave Kalb Jr. 10)Kole Holden 11)Amelia Clay 12)Jordan Ehrenberg 13)Ayden Cipriani 14)Nathen McDowell 15) Dave Price 16)Chelsie Kriegisch 17)Greg Porter

Lap Leaders: Kristyak (1-15) Krummert (16-20)
Cautions: Laps 0,5,10,11,12

Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods: Car Count 19

Heat 1: 1)Eric Reinwald 2)Josh McDonald 3)Mike Kinney 4)Brent Rhebergen 5)Casey Bowers 6)Jessee Gould

Heat 2: 1)Joel Watson 2)Randy Hall 3)Chuck Steinle Jr. 4)Dennis Lunger 5)Brandon Grossman 6)Dan McDonald

Heat 3: 1)Troy Johnson 2)Steve Rex 3)Scott Stiffler 4)Mark Titus 5)Dan McEwen 6)Alan Atkinson

Feature: 1)Mike Kinney 2)Randy Hall 3)Joel Watson 4)Josh McDonald 5)Brent Rhebergen 6)Dennis Lunger 7)Casey Bowers 8)Eric Reinwald 9)Troy Johnson 10)Alan Atkinson 11)Dan McDonald 12)Chuck Steinle Jr, 13)Brandon Grossman 14) Mark Titus 15)Dan McEwen 16)Steve Rex 17)Jesse Gould 18)Percy McDonald 19)Scott Stiffler

Leaders: McDonald (1-7) Kinney (8-20)
Cautions: Laps 2,2,6,7,10

Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods: Car Count 20

Heat 1: 1)Matt Alexander 2)Judson Fell 3)Billy Cunningham 4)Dustin Demattia 5)Bill Cunningham 6)Kyle Akins 7)Patrick Drennan

Heat 2: 1)Bill Watson 2)Jarett Young 3) Zack Lenart 4)Bob Vogt Jr. 5)Jordan Simmons 6)Andrew Pisarchick 7)Chris Runyon

Heat 3: 1)Nate Young 2)Jamie Sax 3)Justin Chaddock 4)John Boyd 5)Derek Connors 6)Garret Calvert

Feature: 1)Matt Alexnader 2)Dustin Demattia 3)Justin Chaddock 4)Nate Young 5)Zack Lenart 6)Bill Watson 7)Judson Fell 8)Garrett Calvert 9)Bob Vogt Jr. 10)Jamie Sax 11)John Boyd 12)Kyle Atkins 13)Andrew Pisarchick 14)Bill Cunningham 15)Derek Connors 16)Jordan Simmons 17)Billy Bunningham 18)Jarett Young 19)Pat Drennan DNS:Chris Runyon

Lap Leaders: Watson (1-4) Alexander (5-15)
Cautions: 2,2,10,13

Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks: Car Count 26

Heat 1: 1)Joe Romanko 2)Mike Barr 3)Mark Lawrence 4)Mark Braden 5)Mitchell Rex 6)Dalton Eggleston 7)Emily Stoyer

Heat 2: 1)Dalton Speer 2)Pat Hanlon 3)Brandon Ditto 4)Pete Blazczak 5)Brandon Ditto 6)Krista Start 7)Travis Creech

Heat 3: 1)Chris Bugielski 2)Jessica Harvey 3)Trisha Jacklettt 4)Alan Susa 5)Jeremy Start 6)Anna Vessan

Heat 4: 1)Lane Reinwald 2)Kevin Watson 3)Brad Cole 4)Tristan Start 5)DJ McCary 6)Corry Wick

Feature: 1)Jessica Harvey 2)Dalton Speer 3)Emily Stoyer 4)Pete Blazczak 5)Trisha Jacklett 6)Chris Bugielski 7)Brad Cole 8)Zoey Gill 9)Mike Barr 10)DJ McCray 11)Tristan Start 12)Krista Start 13)Anna Vessan 14)Alan Susa 15)Travis Creech 16)Mitchell Rex 17)Dalton Eggelston 18)Lane Reinwald 19)Joe Romanko 20)Pat Hanlon 21)Mark Lawrence 22)Kevin Watson 23)Brandon Ditto 24)Jeremy Start DNS:Mark Braden DNS:Corry Wick

Lap Leaders: Pat Hanlon (1) Jessica Harvey (2-12)
Cautions: Laps 1,9,10

Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks: Car Count 12

Heat 1: Curt Bish Jr. 2)Pat Fielding 3)Ed Bolyard 4)Douglas Eck 5)Jonathan Davis 6)Jesse Brock 7)David Snyder

Heat 2: 1)Paul Davis 2)Jamie Duncan 3)Joe Stanjnrajh 4)David Baker 5)Donald Dezarn 6)Gary Miller

Feature: 1)Joe Stajnrajh 2)Paul Davis 3)Pat Fielding 4)Curt Bish Jr. 6)Douglas Eck 7)David Baker 8)Dave Snyder 9)Ed Bolyard 10)Jonathan Davis 11)Jesse Brock 12)Donald Dezarn

Lap Leaders: Fielding (1-2) Stajnrajh (3-15)
Cautions: 9,10

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Raceway 7: Ferry gets first RUSH Late Model win in second start in class! Rhebergen, Young, Lenart, and Davis also take opening night wins. Conneaut, OH (June 19, 2020): By Jay Pees

After an off-season extended by nearly two months, Raceway 7 finally inaugurated the 2020 season with 101 racers filling the pit for a night of regular-length features. Two first-time winners and three veterans graced Victory Lane to start their seasons on a high note. Josh Ferry took his first RUSH Late Model win in only his second start in the division. Ferry had multiple wins in the Economod division and had moved into the highly competitive RUSH Late Models just last week. Brent Rhebergen, a former champion, dominated the opening night feature for the E-Mods, Paul Davis, winner of three Street Stock features in 2019, captured the win in their 15-lap finale. The Economod division saw Zack Lenart collect his first-ever feature win and Mark Lawrence, winner of the final two Mini-Stock features of 2019 (six total in ’19), extended his streak to three in a row. The Street Stocks started their feature with Alan Dellinger and Paul Davis on the front row. Davis led from the drop of the green with Dellinger chasing him. At the end of lap one it was Davis leading Dellinger, David Baker, Gary Miller, and Jamie Duncan. Curtis Bish got into the guard rail in turns one and two. Under the yellow, second-running Dellinger headed to the pits and Bish began smoking heavily, but remained in contention. At two laps it was Davis leading Miller, Duncan, Baker, and Wesley McCray. By lap six Davis enjoyed a quarter lap advantage. McCray came to third while Davis was still extending his lead. At halfway it was Davis, Miller, McCray, Duncan, and Baker. With five to go McCray, a two-time winner in ’19, was trying both inside and outside to get by Miller, finally succeeding with three laps to go. At the finish Davis had a near half-lap lead over McCray. Miller wound up third with Bish fourth and Duncan fifth. The Economod feature started with Billy Cunningham and Zack Lenart leading the way Justin Chaddock spun in turn three for caution number one. He needed towed off to the pit, apparently suffering mechanical damage in the incident. At four laps Mike Harmon spun in turn four, collecting Jarrit Young, Jordan Simmons, and Kyle Adkins. The red flag was shown for the clean-up as the track was essentially blocked. After green Cunningham continued to lead with Lenart still second, Alexander third, Judson Fell fourth, and Dustin Demattia fifth. By halfway Demattia had taken over fourth. With the white flag in the air, Derek Connors spun in turns one and two, setting up a one-lap dash for the win. On the final lap both Lenart and Alexander got around Cunningham. The final order for the top five was Lenart, for his first-ever win, Alexander, Cunningham, Demattia, and Nate Young. Class rookie Josh Ferry started on the outside of row one with John Watson on the pole. Yellow flew immediately as Billy Henry got into the outside wall on the front straight with one lap complete. Amazingly, Jason Genco had advanced from seventeenth in the lineup to seventh in just one lap. By five laps the top five were Ferry, Matt Latta (celebrating his 28th birthday), Watson, former champion Kyle Zimmerman, and Genco. The order was the same at lap eleven when Jacob Peterson spun in turn four. With seven to go Latta got next to Ferry in turn one but the rookie held the spot as they exited turn two. At fourteen laps Jamie Wrightsman got into the main straight retaining wall. Over the remaining laps Ferry and Latta began opening a gap on the rest of the field. They wound up first and second with Watson third, Zimmerman fourth, and Genco fifth at the checkers. It was Ferry’s first RUSH Late Model win in only his second start in the class. It was an emotional win for the youngster who had just turned 21 at the end of March. Brent Rhebergen again showed his mastery of Raceway 7 by leading every lap of the E-Mod feature. At the end of the first lap Rhebergen had taken over at the front with Steve Rex, Mike McGee, Casey Bowers, and Dennis Lunger filling out the top five. Many time class champion Joel Watson entered the top five at lap three and was side by side with Lunger for fourth at six laps. Lunger had control of the spot at lap seven but Watson took it over at nine complete. The top five at halfway were Rhebergen, Rex, McGee, Watson, and Lunger. At eleven laps Watson and McGee were near even for third. With eight laps of the scheduled twenty complete, yellow flew when Josh McDonald and Jesse Gould got together in turns three and four, erasing Rhebergen’s now substantial lead. After green reappeared Watson pulled next to the leader in turns one and two but Rhebergen pulled back out to the sole ownership of the lead at the end of thirteen. At fifteen laps Rhebergen was extending his lead with the top five at the checkers being Rhebergen, Watson, Lunger, Rex, and McGee. Dalton Speer and defending class champion Mark Lawrence brought the Mini Stocks to green with Speer leading Lawrence, Jessica Harvey, Chris Bugielski, and former champion Brad Cole at the end on one lap. Lawrence took the lead in turn two on lap two. Yellow was flown at the end of lap two when Dillon Speer bounced off Emily Stoyer and ended up in the infield. Stoyer maintained her position, now fifth. At three laps Lawrence led Harvey and Dalton Speer, who were side by side for second, Stoyer, and Lane Reinwald. Speer had sole possession of second at four laps. Reinwald then slowed to a halt in turn three while Alan Sousa spun in turn two, Bugielski headed pitside, and Corry Wick turned right at the end of the back straight and drove into the turn three guard rails. At halfway it was Lawrence, Dalton Speer, Pat Hanlon, and Harvey side by side for third, with Stoyer fifth. Hanlon got into the retaining rail in turn two at six laps. Harvey got to second at seven laps when Dalton Speer went high in turn two. A the finish it was Lawrence, Harvey, D Speer, Stoyer, and Kevin Watson. Next Friday Raceway 7 will present another five star program with regular features in all divisions. Street Stocks Heat 1: Jamie Duncan, Alan Dellinger, Curtis Bish, Gary Miller, Ed Bolyard, Jonathan Davis Heat 2: Paul Davis, David Baker, Joe Stajnrajh, Wesley McCray, Scott Gill Feature: Paul Davis, Wesley McCray, Gary Miller, Curtis Bish, Jamie Duncan, David Baker, Joe Stajnragh, Ed Bolyard, Jonathan Davis, Scott Gill, Alan Dellinger Economods Heat 1: Mike Harmon, Judson Fell. Zack Lenart, Derek Connors, Bobby Vogt, Brandon Grossman (DNS), Heat 2: Dustin Demattia, Matt Alexander, Billy Cunningham, Jarrit Young, Bill Cunningham, Kevin Vanderhoof Heat 3: Nate Young, Garrett Calvert, Ty Rhodes, Justin Chaddock, Kyle Adkins, Jordan Simmons, Andrew Piscarchick Feature: Zack Lenart, Matt Alexander, Billy Cunningham, Dustin Demattia, Nate Young, Judson Fell, Garrett Calvert, Bill Cunningham, Kyle Adkins, Jordan Simmons, Andrew Pisarchick, Derek Connors, Ty Rhoades, Bob Vogt Jr, Mike Harmon, Jarrit Young, Justin Chaddock, Brandon Grossman?, Bill Watson (DNS), Kevin Vanderhoof (DNS) RUSH Late Models Heat 1: Breyton Santee, Kyle Zimmerman, Jamie Wrightsman, David Parker, Bud Watson, Jacob Peterson, T J Downes Heat 2: Andy Boozel, John Watson, Jason Genco, Chad Sines, Joe Long, Jon Rivers, Jonathan Stockdale Heat 3: Matt Latta, Dave Airgood, Josh Ferry, Brandon Porter, Cory Sines, Steve Hollabaugh, Billy Henry (DNS) Feature: Josh Ferry, Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, John Watson, Breyton Santee, Jason Genco, Chad Sines, Dave Airgood, Joe Long, Andy Boozel, Cory Sines, T J Downes, Brandon Porter, David Parker, John Stockdale, Steve Hollabaugh, Jacob Peterson, Joe Howell, Jamie Wrightsman, Bud Watson, Billy Henry E-Mods Heat 1: Brent Rhebergen, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Eric Reinwald, Tyler Frankenberry Heat 2: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Eric Reinwald, Alan Atkinson, Mark Titus, Dan McDonald Heat 3: Casey Bowers, Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Josh McDonald, Brandon Grossman, Chuck Steinle Jr Feature: Brent Rhebergen, Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Steve Rex, Mike McGee, Casey Bowers, Alan Atkinson, Randy Hall, Dan McDonald, Mike Kinney, Jesse Gould, Mark Titus, Brandon Grossman, Josh McDonald, Tyler Frankenberry, Chuck Steinle Jr, Eric Reinwald, ? Mini Stocks Heat 1: Jessica Harvey, Dillon Speer, Zoey Gill, Chris Bugielski, Alan Sousa, Tristan Start, Heat 2: Dalton Speer, Mark Lawrence, Lane Reinwald, Brad Cole, Mark Braden, Mike Barr, Ana Vassen, 421 Heat 3: Emily Stoyer, Kevin Watson, Pat Hanlon, Jeremy Start, Derek Tuttle, Phil Powell, Corry Wick Feature: Mark Lawrence, Jessica Harvey, Dalton Speer, Emily Stoyer, Kevin Watson, Brad Cole, Zoey Gill, Alan Sousa, Jeremy Start, Tristan Start, Justin Bailey, Trisha Jacklett, Mark Braden, Chris Bugielski, Ana Vassen, Derek Tuttle, Pat Hanlon, Corry Wick, Lane Reinwald, Mike Barr, Dillon Speer, Phil Powell