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  • Five star racing at Raceway 7 this Friday!

    Only three weeks of points left to determine champions!

    Conneaut, OH (August 14, 2018): there are only three weeks of regular points racing before champions are crowned at Raceway 7, only three nights to prepare for the “September Shootout”, the season-ending extravaganza on September 15.

    As the points edge closer to Championship night Darrell Bossard, a four-time winner this season, gets closer to his second Evergreen Lake Park RUSH Crate Late Model championship. His advantage over second-running Breyton Santee is now 110-points and he could succeed in clinching the title with a win. If he leaves with a 125 point lead after Friday, the title is his as 62 is the maximum available on any night of racing. Santee has an advantage of 43 markers over third-running Dave Airgood (June 15 winner) with Matt Latta, last week’s winner, fourth, only four points behind Airgood, and former champion Kyle Zimmerman fifth, yet another 38 points back. Santee picked up the win July 13 while Zimmerman is winless this far in the season. Max Blair and Jason Genco also each have a victory this summer.

    The Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod championship shows defending champion Gary Eicher a slim five points ahead of second-running Troy Johnson. Both have collected one win this season while third place Joel Watson, a many time champion, has cruised to six wins, including last Friday’s prestigious Bob & Jack Vogt Memorial. However, Watson has skipped three shows this season, and is 47 points away from second. Two-time former champion Percy McDonald is fourth another 79 points back, while Casey Bowers is fifth, fourteen points behind McDonald. Bowers has one win this season while McDonald has yet to break into the Winner’s Circle in ’18. Mike Kinney got the win August 3.

    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks are being paced in the championship run by four-time winner Paul Schreckengost with. 67 point advantage over Mike Clark, the winner July 27. Tim Deutsch,a two-time winner, including last Friday, is third, another 27 points back. Fourth is Larry Kugel with Garrett Calvert fifth.

    Eric Reinwald holds a healthy forty point spread over second-running Steve Haefke, the two-time defending Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod standings. Each have two wins with Haefke being the most recent winner, last Friday. Matt Alexander is another 41 points back in third, 114 ahead of Chuck Steinle Jr. Dustin Demattia is fifth 14 points behind Steinle. Eric Wilson got the wins June 29 and July 27, Josh Ferry won May 25, Tyler Frankenberry June 8, Kyle Miller June 15, and Bud Watson June 3.

    The Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks have Dillon Speer leading the way by 55 points over Jim Haefke Jr with defending champion Joe Campbell third, Zach Downes fourth, and Justin Bailey fifth.

    Raceway 7 is located six miles south of Interstate 90 on Route 7 in the town of Monroe Center, OH and races every Friday night May — September. Racing begins at 7:30 PM every Friday. General admission for this special event is our normal of $10 and children 7-14 admitted for $5 each. Kids 6 and under are always free. NO PETS are admitted to the track! Fan and pit gates open at 5:30 PM. Pit admission is $25 with minimum age 18. Children under 18 admitted with a “Minor Release” form available at pit gate that must be filled out by a parent accompanying the youth. Raceday information is available at (440) 594-2222. The track maintains a website at www.raceway7.com.

  • Watson bests stellar E-Mod field in Bob & Jackie Vogt Memorial!

    1. Bob and Jackie Vogt were among the most respected and loved personalities in Raceway 7 history, Bob as a Late Model champion in the 1980’s, driving all the way to the 2000s, and Jackie, as a long time scorer up until her final illness. Each year Raceway 7 honors their memory with a Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod extravaganza in their memory. This year Joel Watson was the champion, the winningest driver in Raceway 7 history. In other action it was Matt Latta scoring the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Model victor, his first in two years, defending champion Steve Haefke went to the Winner’s Circle after the Bonnell’s Auto Group Economod feature, Tim Deutsch got his second Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock win, and Zach Downes prevailed for the third time against the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks. 

    The featured event was the 30-lap Bob & Jackie Vogt Memorial, run that distance to honor Bob’s car number, 30, still in used by his son, Bob Jr, and granddaughter Alexis. The lineup for the main event was set through time trials setting “Dash” lineups, then the Dash finishes setting the inside and outside front rows. Reigning points champion Gary Eicher set the fast time of of 18.597 seconds at 84.691 miles per hour. Eicher then went on to win his heat and the Dash to start on the pole for the feature. Eicher jumped out to the immediate lead with Joel Watson coming to second. At five laps Eicher was putting some distance between himself and Watson but at lap ten he caught the rear of the field and began putting cars a lap down, and allowing Watson to slowly close the gap. Then the unexpected happened as Brandon Grossman spun in turns one and two at ten laps completed,directly in front of Eicher. With no place to go, the leader spun into Grossman, ending his stay at the front. Watson, now the leader, brought the race back to green with Troy Johnson second, then Dan Davies, Mike Kinney, and Dennis Lunger filling out the top five. Brent Rhebergen got into fifth at lap twelve but Lunger came back to the spot a lap later. At halfway Watson enjoyed a wide lead over the field. Grossman spun again at lap nineteen. With ten to go the battle for second was heating up with Rhebergen, Johnson, and Davies three wide on the back straight with Johnson winning that skirmish. Then a lap later Lunger joined the race for third, going three wide with Rhebergen and Davies. After Lunger got by Davies he ran side by side with Rhebergen at lap twenty four. At the end of the thirty laps it was Watson taking home the $2250 winner’s check. Johnson, Lunger, Rhebergen, and Davies filled out the top five. The extra cash for the winner was made possible by donations from sponsors.

    The Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models were led to green by Lon Emrick and Bruce Hordusky Jr with Hordusky grabbing the lead at the start, leading through lap sixteen when Joe Long and William Pinckney got together, slowing the race under caution. Under the yellow Hordusky’s great run ended with a flat left rear tire, causing him to need to pit. Matt Latta then inherited the lead over defending champion and current points leader Darrell Bossard, Dave Airgood, Khole Wanzer, and Dennis Lunger. With three laps left Lunger got by Wanzer for fifth. The order at the checkers was Latta, Bossard, Airgood, Lunger, and Wanzer. It was Latta’s first win since August 2016. 

    The Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods were brought to green by Jason Brightman and Geoff Conn with Conn leading from the green and fourth staring Steve Haefke coming to second. The first caution fell at lap six for Judson Fell, spun in turn four. Matt Alexander came to second at the restart but five cars piled up in turn four when Chad Wright spun with Devin Henry, Gary Olson, Brightman, and J D Dellinger also getting involved. Bob Bellinger wound up in the turn three wall at seven laps complete. At halfway the order was Conn, Haefke, Alexander, points leader Eric Reinwald, and Bud Watson. At eight laps Judson Fell spun again setting up another restart. This time Haefke took over at the front but Con. Wasn’t done yet. With Alexander joining the fray it was a three wide battle for the top spot coming out of turn four at five laps to go. Then Keith Fellicetti spun, again bunching the field.  After green Eric Reinwald came to third with Zack Lenart up to fifth, but Dustin Demattia got by for the spot with one to go. At the white flag Fell spun again, relegating him to the pit for his third chargeable caution. At the checkers it was Haefke, Alexander, Reinwald, Conn, and Demattia.

    Eighteen Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks of the twenty-three present answered the call for the feature with Tony Spaghetti and Brad Church on the front row. Church had the early lead but defending champion Jimmy Kennerknecht was second at four laps and took over at lap seven just as caution fell for the spun car of Brian Lacey, negating the pass. Joe Stajnragh took over second when the race was again green with Tim Deutschland third at lap eight, then second a lap later, and to the lead at lap eleven. Points leader Paul Schreckengost came to third at lap ten. Deutsch led the field all the way to the checkers for his second win of the season. The top five were Deutsch, Church, Schreckengost, Stajnragh, and Kennerknecht.

    The Sunnyside Farms Transit Mini Stocks had Zoey Gill and Justin Bailey on the front row with Bailey leading from the green with Zach Downes, defending champion Joe Campbell, and Bailey three wide for the lead on lap two. Downes emerged from the battle with sole possession of the lead at the end of the lap over Campbell. At three laps Jessica Harvey was fourth. Emily Stoyer spun into the outside rail at lap four in turn three. At halfway Downes led Campbell, Bill Fuchs, Zoey Gill, and points leader Dillon Speer. Speer was up to third at eight laps when Mike Barr, Shaun Cavanaugh, and spun for the next caution. With one lap left Speer got to second but Downes was on his way to his third win of the season. The top five were Downes, Speer, Campbell, Haefke Jr, and Fuchs. 

    Evergreen Lake Park Campbround RUSH Crate Late Models:

    Heat 1: Dave Airgood, Darrell Bossard, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Joe Long, John Stockdale, Dennis Lunger

    Heat 2: Matt Latta, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Lon Emerick, Matt Sipes, William Pinckney, Brandon Porter, Dylan Goodman

    Feature: Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Dave Airgood, Dennis Lunger, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Matt Sipes, William Pinckney, John Stockdale, Dylan Goodman, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Lon Emerick, Joe Long, Brandon Porter

    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods: The Bob & Jackie Vogt Memorial

    Time Trials:

    Group 1: Gary Eicher 18.597, Ken Zimmer 18.627, Dan Davies 18.770, Jeff Johnson 19.108, Jesse Gould 19.369, Dan McDonald 19.768

    Group 2: Joel Watson 18.917: Percy McDonald 19.125, Dennis Lunger 19.453, Mitchell Wright 19.513, Alan Atkinson 19.555, Steve Simon 19.819, Dennis Dellinger 21.538

    Group 3: Mike Kinney 18.927, Josh McDonald 19.659, Bill Taylor 19.668, Chuck Steinle 19.844, Brandon Grossman 20.027, Ron Seeley NT

    Group 4: Troy Johnson 18.843, Casey Bowers 19.378, Brent Rhebergen 19.408, John Boyd 19.677, Carl McKinney 19.721, Lee Patrick 20.149, Josh Ferry 20.751

    Tregler Race Engines Heat 1: Gary Eicher, Dan Davies, Ken Zimmer, Jesse Gould, Jeff Johnson, Dan Sasso, Dan McDonald

    AMSOIL by Gary and Bonnie Neubauer Heat 2: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger, Percy McDonald, Mitchell Wright, Alan Atkinson, Steve Simon, Dennis Dellinger

    955 Automotive Heat 3: Mike Kinney, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Chuck Steinle Jr, Brandon Grossman, Juston Carlson

    Johnson Gearing Heat 4: Troy Johnson, Brent Rhebergen, Josh Ferry, John Boyd. Carl McKinney. Lee Patrick, Casey Bowers

    Northwest Restoration Dash 1: Gary Eicher, Joel Watson, Dan Davies, Dan Davis, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Dennis Lunger, Brent Rhebergen, Josh McDonald

    McDonal Sand and Gravel, McDonald Meats Dash 2: Ken Zimmer, Mitchell Weight, Josh Ferry, Jesse Gould, John Boyd, Chuck Steinle Jr. Bill Taylor, Percy McDonald

    B-Main: Dan Sasso, Dan McDonald, Steve Simon, Lee Patrick, Dennis Dellinger, Justin Carlson

    Bob & Jackie Vogt Memorial: Joel Watson, Troy Johnson, Dennis Lunger, Brent Rhebergen, Dan Davies, Mike Kinney, Gary Eicher, John Boyd, Jesse Gould, Mitchell Wright, Jeff Johnson, Dan Dasso, Carl McKinney, Alan Atkinson, Dan McDonald, Brandon Grossman, Steve Simon, Josh McDonald, Ken Zimmer, Josh Ferry, Chuck Steinle Jr, Lee Patrick, Justin Carlson, Bill Taylor, Percy McDonald 

    Hard Charger Award to Dan Sasso, started 21st, finished 12th.

    Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods:

    Heat 1: Zack Lenart, Eric Reinwald, Steve Haefke, Chad Wright, Mike Boyd, Devin Henry, Bruce Powell, Gary Murphy

    Heat 2, Bud Watson, Kyle Reinwald, Jason Brightman, Dustin Demattia, Mike Harmon, Pat Drennan, Jim Muma, Jim Dellinger

    Heat 3: Matt Alexander, Kyle Miller, Geoff Conn, Gary Olson, Todd Canter, Mark Titus, Judson Fell, J D Soltes

    Feature: Steve Haefke, Matt Alexander, Eric Reinwald, Geoff Conn, Dustin Demattia, Zack Lenart, Bud Watson, Mike Boyd, Kyle Miller, Andy Buckley, Devin Henry, Gary Murphy, Kyle Reinwald, Mark Titus, Jason Brightman, Jim Muma, Keith Felicetty, Pat Drennan, Judson Fell, J D Soltes, Mike Harmon, Chad Wright, Gary Olson, Jim Dellinger

    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

    Heat 1: Jason Covey, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Jason Black, Art Edwards, Troy Norman, Joe Rohrer, Michael Reed, Mike Clark

    Heat 2: Paul Schreckengost, Chris Withers, Brad Church, Joe Stajnragh, Jessie Brock, Sid Snyder. Brian Lacey, Gary Milller

    Heat 3: Larry Kugel, Tim Deutsch, Tony Spaghetti, Ron Boardman, Curt Bish, Garrett Calvert, Shane Applebee 

    Feature; Tim Deutsch, Brad Church, Paul Schrechengost, Joe Stajnragh, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Curt Bish, Chris Withers, Troy Norman, Larry Kugel, Mike Clark, Michael Reed, Jessie Brock, Art Edwards, Tony Spaghetti, Sid Snyder, Brian Lacey, Jason Black, Joe Rohrer, Garrett Calvert (DNS), Jason Covey (DNS), Gary Miller (DNS), Ron Boardman (DNS). Shane Applebee’s (DNS)

    Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks: 

    Heat 1: Zach Downes, Jim Haefke Jr, Shaun Cavanaugh, Scott Gill, Alexis Vogt, Derrick Tuttle, Dillon Speer

    Heat 2: Joe Campbell, Justin Bailey, Jessica Harvey, Jacob Peterson, Emily Stoyer, William Haylett, William VanGuilder

    Heat 3: Bill Fuchs, Jason Pavlick, Zoey Gill, Mike Barr, Ana Vassen, Trevor Jimerson, Travis Creech (DNS) 

    Feature: Zach Downes, Dillon Speer, Joe Campbell, Jim Haefke Jr, Bill Fuchs, Zoey Gill, Justin Bailey, Jacob Peterson, Alexis Vogt, Jason Pavlick, Shaun Cavanaugh, William Haylett, Emily Stoyer, Ana Vassen, Travis Creech, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Jessica Harvey, Trevor Jimerson, William VanGuilder, Derrick Tuttle

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  • $2250 to win Vogt Memorial this Friday 8/10/2018

    by Jay Pees

    Bob and Jackie Vogt Memorial this Friday at Raceway 7

    Conneaut, OH (August 8, 2018): Bob and Jackie Vogt were two of the most loved and most respected people in Raceway 7 history, Bob as a skilled championship contender and Jackie as a long-time scorer. Sadly, both succumbed to the ravages of cancer, Bob in 2003, and Jackie in 2015. Their son, Bob Jr, a skilled racer himself, currently works at Raceway 7, and the Granddaughter Alexis races in the Sunnyside Farms Transit Mini Stocks. Raceway 7 has honored their memory every summer since their passing with a memorial event for the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-mods.
    With one win this summer Gary Eicher leads the standings over Troy Johnson by 22 markers. Johnson also has a feature win. Many time champion Joel Watson, the leading winner with five victories, is third, another 52 points back. Casey Bowers, with a win July 6 is fourth. Two-time champion Percy McDonald is fifth. McDonald has not yet been to the Winner’s Circle this season.

    The Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH crate Late Models are led by Darrell Bossard with a substantial 89 point margin lead over Bretton Santee. Dave Airgood is third, Matt Latte fourth, and former champion Kyle Zimmerman fifth.

    Paul Schreckengost is at the top of the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks over Mike Clark, Tim Deutsch, Larry Kugel, and Garrett Calvert.

    With two wins in the season, Eric Reinwald is the leader for the Bonnell’s Auto Group Economods. Two-time defending champion Steve Haefke is second with Matt Alexander third, Chuck Steinle Jr fourth, and Mitchell Wright fifth.

    The Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks are being paced by Dillon Speed with a comfortable margin of 52 points over Jim Haefke Jr. Defending champion Joe Campbell is third with Justin Bailey fourth and Scott Gill fifth.

  • Bossard wins at Raceway 7!

    Conneaut, OH (August 3, 2018]: On a sultry summer’s evening 95 race cars packed the Raceway 7 pit area, providing even hotter action on the track. Darrell Bossard continue his on-track domination of the RUSH Crate Late Models while Mike Kinney took his first win of the year in the E-Mod feature, Paul Schreckengost padded his Street Stock points lead with his fourth win of 2018, and Dillon Speer added to his championship run with his third Mini Stock (second in a row). Bud Watson scored his first Raceway 7 win in Economods, noting in Victory Lane that he was the final member of his family to get the home track win.


    Mike Kinney grabbed the immediate lead in the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod feature with two laps complete when Charlie Steinle Jr spun in turn two. Then after green after green Casey Bowers also spun in turn two, slowing the race the second time. Kinney led again after green with Josh McDonald and Gary Eicher fighting over second. At five laps it was Kinney, Eicher, McDonald, Ken Zimmer, and Brent Rhebergen with seventeenth starting points leader Troy Johnson all the way up to sixth.  Caution again flew at eight laps complete when Jeff Johnson came to a halt out of turn four. Kinney, Eicher, Josh McDonald, Johnson, and Zimmer brought the Race back to green with Johnson coming to second behind Kinney at nine complete.  At halfway Johnson was alongside Kinney with the cars even at the stripe at lap eleven. Kinney nosed ahead at twelve but Johnson was the leader by half a length at thirteen. At fourteen Johnson was solidly in front. Johnson continued to extend his lead until sixteen complete when the left rear tire exploded on the front straight, ending a fantastic run from the last row to the lead. With Kinney back in front the race resumed. Kinney went on to the win, the first of the year got the veteran of Victory Lane. Eicher settled for second with Rhebergen third, Zimmer fourth and Percy McDonald fifth.


    Joe Stajnrajh and Jimmy Kennerknecht were the front row for the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock feature. Kennerknecht, a former class champion, took the lead at the start. Paul Davis was challenging for the lead at six laps with points leader Paul Schreckengost third. Davis was able to get next to the leader at eight laps but Kennerknecht was the leader when Garrett Calvert stopped in turn four at nine complete. On the restart Schreckengost, Kennerknecht, and Davis ran three abreast till turn four when Davis spun. At this restart Schreckengost led Kennerknecht, Stajnrajh, Shane Applebee, and Tim Deutsch. In the closing laps Schreckengost pulled away to his fourth win of the season over Kennerknecht, Deutsch, Davis, and Stajnrajh.


    Bud Watson and Mike Boyd brought the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod feature to green but Judson Fell got into the turn two guardrail, negating the start. Watson led after green with Boyd second until he got high in turn two, slipping all the way to tenth on lap five. Coming out of turn four at lap five Nate Young, Mike Boyd, Gary Olson, and Steve Haefke, (the two time defending champion), all piled up in turn four, slowing the race again under caution. At green current points leader Eric Reinwald came to second behind Watson with Matt Alexander third, Brandon Blackshear, and Charlie Steinle Sr. Jim Muma stopped in turn four at nine complete, again slowing the field. Dustin DeMattia came to fifth at the resumption of the race as Watson was pulling away from the field. At twelve laps Gary Olson spun in turn four. He was unable to rejoin the event. Reinwald mounted a challenge on the final lap but came up short. Watson won his first at Raceway 7 over Reinwald, Alexander, Demattia, and Blackshear.


    The Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Model were led to the start by Darrell Bossard and Dave Airgood. Bossard led from green but Kyle Zimmerman and Breyton Santee got together on the back straight with Zimmerman sustaining damage enough to coast to a stop just shy of the pit entrance. Bossard led the way back to green with Airgood, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer, and Mike Pegher filling out top five. Pegher was up to third by the five lap mark with Hordusky fourth and last week’s winner Max Blair fifth. At halfway the order was still the same for the top five. Joe Long spun at turn four with eleven complete. Blair came to third at green, then in turn four, Breyton Santee spun with Brandon Porter and Ed Bolyard also spinning and making hard contact. Both Bolyard and Santee retired pitside. The order was points leader Bossard, Pegher, Blair, Airgood, and Hordusky at thirteen complete. The top five remained the same through to the checkers. It was Bossard’s fifth win of the season.


    Mike Porterfield  and Wes Stull were the front row for the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stock feature with Porterfield leading lap one when caution fell for Zach Downes, who stopped in turn three. Porterfield again led after green with defending champion Joe Campbell coming to the lead at the end of two laps. Last week’s winner, Dillon Speer was third at three laps with Kyle Adkins fourth. Bill Fuchs moved to fourth at five laps when Adkins headed pitside. At six laps Speer was second and closing on the leader while he and Campbell pulled away from the rest of field. Speer was challenging at nine laps and had a half length lead at ten laps. Speer, the points leader, went on to the win, his third of the season, and lengthened his points advantage over Campbell, Mike Porterfield, Bill Fuchs, and Wes Stull.







    Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models:

                Heat 1: Max Blair, Khole Wanzer, Dave Airgood, Mike Pegher, Brandon Porter, Lon Emerick, Jonathan Stockdale, Andy Proper

                Heat 2: Bruce Hordusky, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Darrell Bossard, Matt Latta, William Pinckney, Joe Long, Ed Bolyard

                Feature: Darrell Bossard, Mike Pegher, Max Blair, Dave Airgood, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Matt Latta, Khole Wanzer, Breyton Santee, Andy Proper, John Stockdale, William Pinckney, Lon Emerick, Brandon Porter, Ed Bolyard, Joe Long, Kyle Zimmerman


    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

                Heat 1: Mike Kinney, Ken Zimmer, Bill Taylor, Jeff Johnson, John Boyd, Brandon Grossman

                Heat 2:  Brent Rhebergen, Gary Eicher, Casey Bowers, Jesse Gould, Dan McDonald, Troy Johnson

                Heat 3: Alan Atkinson, Josh McDonald, Percy McDonald, Josh Ferry, Hunter Hulley, Chuck Steinle Jr

                Feature: Mike Kinney, Gary Eicher, Brent Rhebergen, Ken Zimmer, Percy Macdonald, Josh McDonald, Casey Bowers, Josh Ferry, Jesse Gould, John Boyd, Alan Atkinson, Dan McDonald, Hunter Hulley, Brandon Grossman, Bill Taylor, Troy Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Chuck Steinle Sr


    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

                Heat 1: Shane Applebee, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Paul Davis, Ron Boardman, Chris Withers, Larry Kugel

                Heat 2: Mike Clark, Paul Schreckengost, Joe Stajnrajh, Garrett Calvert, Tony Spaghetti, Tim Deutsch

                Feature: Paul Schreckengost, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Tim Deutsch, Paul Davis, Joe Stajnrajh, Shane Applebee, Larry Kugel, Chris Withers, Mike Clark, Ron Boardman, Tony Bruno, Garrett Calvert


    Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods:

                Heat 1:Mike Boyd, Gary Olson, Chuck Steinle Sr, Gary Murphy, Mike Harmon, Casey Harmon, Jim Muma

                Heat 2: Mark Titus, Bud Watson, Matt Alexander, Dustin DeMattia, Brandon Blackshear, Kyle Reinwald, Zack Lenart

                Heat 3: Eric Reinwald, Steve Haefke, Mitch Wright, Judson Fell, Kyle Miller, Dan McEwen, Nate Young

                Feature: Bud Watson, Eric Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Dustin Demattie, Brandon Blackshear, Chuck Steinle Jr, Steve Haefke, Mitchell Wright, Gary Murphy, Nate Young, Zack Lenart, Kyle Miller, Casey Harmon, Kyle Reinwald, Mike Harmon, Jim Muma, Gary Olson, Mark Titus, Mike Boyd, Dan McEwen, Judson Fell


    Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks:

                Heat 1: Kyle Adkins, Tim Callahan, Tom Spencer Jr, Brad Cole, Mike Barr, Trevor Jimerson, Derrick Tuttle

                Heat 2:  Bill Fuchs,Jessica Harvey, Jim Haefke, Chuck Rush, Justin Bailey, Lane Reinwald, Logan Keney

                Heat 3: Zach Downes, Zoey Gill, Wes Stull, Scott Gill, Jacob Peterson, Nick Steiger, Ana Vassen

    Heat 4: Dillon Speer, Joe Campbell, Mike Porterfield, Travis Creech, Emily Stoyer, Alexis Vogt, Phil Powell

    B-Main: Trevor Jimerson, Phil Powell, Alexis Vogt, Ana Vassen, Lane Reinwald, Derek Tuttle

    Feature: Dillon Speer, Joe Campbell, Mike Porterfield, Bill Fuchs, Wes Stull, Zach Downes, Jessica Harvey. Tim Callahan, Brad Cole, Tom Spencer Jr, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Emily Stoyer, Jim Haefke, Justin Bailey, Phil Powell, Zoey Gill, Chuck Rush, Alexis Vogt, Trevor Jimerson, Ana Vassen, Jacob Peterson, Travis Creech, Kyle Adkins



  • Wilson wins “2-Barrel Rumble” at Raceway 7!

    Blair, Watson, Clark, and Speer also go to the Winner’s Circle!


    Conneaut, OH (July 27, 2018]: The Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods were the spotlighted class at Raceway 7 Friday. 103 cars crowded the pit area with 31 Economods ready to “duke it out” for the winner’s purse of $1000, the highest-paying event of the year for the 2-barrel speedsters. At the end of the night it was Max Blair, in his first appearance of 2018, Joel Watson, for the fifth time this year, Mike Clark for his first win of the season, Eric Wilson, second time in ’18, and Dillon Speer , also his second of the year, standing in Victory Lane


    The first feature on the card was the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models with Matt Latta and Matt Sipes on the front row. Latta took the lead at green with Max Blair coming to second. Joe Long spun in turn four as the leaders were completing the lap, slowing the event under yellow. Latta again led after green with Blair and Breyton Santee in hot pursuit. At the end of lap three six cars spun in turn four but all were able to continue after the clean-up. On lap four Lon Emerick spun coming out of turn two. Latta, Blair, Santee, Darrell Bossard, and Matt Sipes brought the field back to green with Latta continuing to lead. Blair was alongside Latta at lap seven but Latta was ahead again at eight. Blair again pulled even with the leader at nine with Latta holding a narrow led at halfway then Blair edging ahead at eleven laps, and in complete command at twelve complete. Bossard was challenging Santee for third at thirteen laps with Bruce Hordusky Jr up to fifth. With five to go Bossard, the points leader, was solidly in third. At the checkers it was Blair, Latta, Bossard, Santee, and Hordusky Jr. It was Blair’s first race of the season at Raceway 7, where he started his career at the age of 15 in E-Mods.


    Scott Gill and Alexis Vogt brought the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks to green but Vogt got into the turn one wall on lap one, calling for a complete restart and moving Kyle Adkins to the outside front row. Adkins came to the lead at green. Coming out of four on lap one Scott Gill spun into the infield but righted himself and continued under green. At three laps Tom Spencer Jr was next to the leader while dragging a bumper cover, then falling back to third behind Dillon Speer. At lap five Tim Callahan came to a stop in turn two after contact with Jason Easler, who had come from 22ndin the lineup. For this green it was Adkins, Speer, Spencer Jr, Easler, and points leader Jim Haefke Jr. Spencer got too high in turn one on the restart, sliding into the retaining wall, and again slowing the race. After green Speer was challenging for the lead and on lap seven Adkins went too high in turn one, sliding into the wall. Emily Stoyer also stopped at the pit entrance. Speer again took off to the lead with Easler, Haefke Jr, Zoey Gill, and Justin Bailey following. Bailey got to fourth with two laps to go. Speer went on to the win, his second of the year, over Easler and Haefke Jr. Gill made an attempt to get back to fourth but Bailey edged her out for the spot at the checkers.


    The $1000 to win Economod feature started with Steve Simon and Eric Wilson, looking for his second win of the year, in row one. Wilson grabbed the lead at green over Simon with Lee Patrick third.  Patrick slowed on the front straight at the end of two laps, falling back and coming to a stop in turn three, slowing the race under yellow. For the next green it was Wilson, Steve Simon, Zack Lenart, Eric Reinwald, and Mark Titus. After another lap of green Lenart was second with Reinwald challenging Simon for third when Devin Henry spun in turn four. At four laps Matt Alexander was in the top five and was fourth at five laps. Wilson was increasing his lead while Lenart and Reinwald were engaged in a side by side battle for second. Bud Watson slowed and headed into the infield while points leader Steve Haefke spun in turn two. Alexander was third at lap nine behind Wilson and Reinwald with Lenart and Josh Ferry (from eighth at the start) filling out the top five. Ferry was fourth at twelve laps. At fifteen laps Wilson had a quarter lap lead over Reinwald. Wilson went on to the win by a margin of 5.574 seconds. Alexander, Ferry, and Lenart filled out the top five.


    Paul Davis and Mike Clark brought the Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock fifteen lap feature to green with Clark jumping out to the lead and opening an eight car length lead at two laps. In turn one on lap four Charlie McMillen spun, slowing the race under yellow for the first time. Points leader Paul Schreckengost retired pitside under the caution with a flat tire but was able to rejoin the event before the green waved. Clark was the leader at halfway with Tim Deutsch and Paul Davis nearly side by side for second with Shane Applebee and Larry Kugel fourth and fifth. McMillen again spun in turns one and two with eight complete. Schreckengost had climbed all the way to ninth at this point. Kugel came to fourth after green. At the finish it was Clark over Deutsch, Davis, Kugel, and Applebee. Schreckengost, all the way from the back after the restart, got by Jimmy Kennerknecht on the final lap for sixth.


    The final feature of the night was the Bonnell’s Collision Service E-Mods with Mike Kinney and Gary Eicher on the front row. Eicher led from the start with Joel Watson coming to second at the end of two laps from sixth on the grid. At four laps complete Jesse Gould spun in turn four. At this green Mike Kinney got by Watson for second and nearly took the lead but Eicher and Watson were again at the front at six laps. At seven laps Eicher had a very narrow lead, less than a foot. Watson took over at the front just as Dan McDonald spun in turn two, restoring Eicher to the lead. Kinney got the lead this time on green with Watson edging ahead of Eicher for second at nine laps when caution again appeared, for Amanda Stiffler spun in turn four. At halfway Eicher was the leader of the three way battle over Watson and Kinney with Brent Rhebergen up to fourth. Watson was next to Eicher in the turns for the next several laps but Eicher was able to pull ahead on the straights until lap fourteen when Watson was approximately half a foot in the lead, the pulled ahead at five to go. Rhebergen and Kinney were side by side for third when Stiffler again spun, this time in turn two. At the finish it was Watson for his fifth win of the season over Eicher, Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, and Kinney.





    Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models:

                Heat 1: Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer, Cory Sines, Lon Emerick

    Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Airgood, William Pinckney, Bob Schwartzmiller, John Stockdale, Brandon Porter

                Heat 3: Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Matt Sipes, Ward Schell, Joe Long, Gary Troyer

    Feature: Max Blair, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Bruce Hordusky, Matt Sipes, Kyle Zimmerman, Khole Wanzer, Ward Schell, Gary Troyer, William Pinckney, Corey Sines, Bob Schwartzmiller, John Stockdale, Brandon Porter, Joe Long, Lon Emerick, Dave Airgood (DNS)


    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:

    Heat 1: Joel Watson, Brent Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Bill Taylor, Hunter Hulley, Ed Wilson

    Heat 2: Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Mike Kinney, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Amanda Stiffler, Rick Pratschler

    Feature: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Brent Rhebergen, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Casey Bowers, Josh McDonald, Jesse Gould, Rick Pratschler, Ed Wilson, Bill Taylor, Amanda Stiffler, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Hunter Hulley


    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:

    Heat 1: Paul Schreckengost, Larry Kugel, Paul Davis, Anthony Marotto, Joe Stajnrajh, Shaun Hooks

    Heat 2: Shane Applebee, Garrett Calvert, Jesse Brock, Art Edwards, Charlie McMillen, Tony Spaghetti

    Heat 3:  Tim Deutsch, Mike Clark, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Ron Boardman, Jamie Duncan, Brian Lacey

    Feature: Mike Clark, Tim Deutsch, Paul Davis, Larry Kugel, Shane Applebee, Paul Schreckengost, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Garrett Calvert, Ron Boardman, Anthony Marotto, Jamie Duncan, Joe Stajnrajh, Jesse Brick, Art Edwards, Shaun Hooks, Charlie McMillen, Tony Spaghetti, Brian Lacey


    Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods 2-Barrel Rumble:

    Heat 1: Lee Patrick, Matt Alexander, Josh Ferry, Dustin DeMattia, Steve Haefke, Nate Young, Jason Brightman, Keith Felicity

    Heat 2: Eric Reinwald, Mike Boyd, Zack Lenart, Charlie Steinle, Bob Vogt Jr, Kyle Reinwald, Casey Harmon, Brandon Blackshear

    Heat 3: Bud Watson, Devin Henry, Steve Simon, Rusty Wheeler, Gary Miller, Dwayne Clay, Jeremy Double, Chris Runyon

    Heat 4: Eric Wilson, Mark Titus, Mike Harmon, Dennis Dellinger, Gary Murphy, Bob Bellinger, Jim Muma

    B-Main: Nate Young, Dwayne Clay, Jeremy Double, Brandon Blackshear, Jason Brightman, Kyle Reinwald, Casey Harmon, Jim Muma, Keith Felicity, Bob Bellinger (DNS), Chris Runyan (DNS)

    Feature: Eric Wilson, Eric Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Josh Ferry, Zack Lenart, Nate Young, Steve Simon, Dustin DeMattia, Mike Boyd, Rusty Wheeler, Brandon Blackshear, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Jr, Steve Haefke, Lee Patrick, Gary Murphy, Dwayne Clay, Mike Harmon, Dennis Dellinger, Bob Vogt, Jeremy Double, Bud Watson, Gary Miller, Devin Henry


    Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks:

    Heat 1: Kyle Adkins, Tom Spencer Jr, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Zoey Gill, Jacob Peterson, Jeremy Start

    Heat 2: Dillon Speer, Joe Campbell Tim Callahan, Jim Haefke Jr, Logan Kenny, Emily Stoyer, Jessica Harvey (DNS)

    Heat 3: Alexis Vogt, Phil Powell, Derrick Tuttle, Lane Reinwald, Chuck Rush (Orlando, FL), Ana Vassen, Justin Bailey

    Feature: Dillon Speer, Jason Easler, Jim Haefke Jr, Justin Bailey, Zoey Gill, Scott Gill, Mike Barr, Jacob Peterson, Alexis Vogt, Emily Stoyer, Chuck Rush, Ana Vassen, Jeremy Start, Kyle Adkins, Tom Spencer Jr, Logan Keney, Tom Callahan, Phil Powell, Joe Campbell, Jessica Harvey, Lane Reinwald, Derrick Tuttle (DNS)


  • Economods Race for biggest purse of year this week at Raceway 7!

    Regular racing for all other classes!


    Conneaut, OH (July 26, 2018) — The Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods will have their biggest night of the summer Friday at Raceway 7 when they race for $1000 to win, the biggest payout of the year for the class. Steve Haefke, the defending champion and winner on July 6, currently leads the standings in his quest to win his third consecutive championship in the division. His chore won’t be an easy one with Eric Reinwald only six points behind in the points race. Reinwald was the opening night winner and also won on July 13, the most recent night of racing. Another 72 points back is Matt Alexander with Chuck Steinle fourth and Mitchell Weight fifth. Josh Ferry, Tyler Frankenberry, Kyle Miller, and Eric Wilson also have feature wins this summer.


    Darrell Bossard leads the charge for the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models Championship by a whopping 61 markers over Breyton Santee, nearly a full nigh cushion (the most points available on a race night are 62!). Bossard has four wins in seven events this summer. Santee is a single winner, that coming on July 13. Dave Airgood, currently third, got the win on June 15th. Airgood’s deficit to the leader is 96 points. Defending champion Kyle Zimmerman is fourth with Matt Latta fifth. Jason Genco, who won opening night (his only appearance this year), is the only other winner this season. Zimmerman has not yet made it to Victory Lane in ’18.


    June 29thwinner Troy Johnson leads the pack in the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod standings, by 24 points over defending champion and May 25 winner Gary Eicher. Many time champion Joel Watson is third, 26 markers behind Eicher. Watson is the leading winner of the season with four triumphs, including the last race contested, July 13. Two time former champion Percy McDonald is fourth but has yet to score a win in the current season. 2012 Western Pennsylvania Rookie of the Year Casey Bowers scored his first-ever “open” E-Mod feature win on July 6 and is currently fifth in points.


    Paul Schreckengost is the leading Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock winner and leads the points by 35 over Mike Clark. Schreckengost has three wins on the season, including the last two in a row, while Clark’s Best finish has been a second on opening night. Tim Deutsch, with a win June 29, trails Clark by 66 points. Darr Diegelman and Garrett Calvert round out the top five. Pat Fielding got the opening night win and Curtis Bish also has a win.


    Jim Haefke heads up the Sunnyside Farm Transit Inc Mini Stocks by the slimmest of margins, ONE point over Dillon Speer. Reigning champion Joe Campbell is 24 points out of the lead with Zach Downes and Justin Bailey filling out the top five.


    Raceway 7 is located six miles south of Interstate 90 on Route 7 in the town of Monroe Center, OH and races every Friday night May — September. Racing begins at 7:30 PM every Friday. General admission for this special event is our normal of $10 and children 7-14 admitted for $5 each. Kids 6 and under are always free. NO PETS are admitted to the track! Fan and pit gates open at 5:30 PM. Pit admission is $25 with minimum age 18. Children under 18 admitted with a “Minor Release” form available at pit gate that must be filled out by a parent accompanying the youth. Raceday information is available at (440) 594-2222. The track maintains a website at www.raceway7.com.



  • Watson scores fourth win of season at Raceway 7! Santee, Reinwald, Schreckengost, and Zeleznick also win!

    Conneaut, OH (July 13, 2018]: 85 cars signed in to Raceway 7 in 85° heat for the annual “Driver Appreciation Night” with extra prizes available form several sponsors. At the end of the night there were some familiar faces in Victory Lane along with some first-time visitors. The veteran Joel Watson scored his fourth win of the season in Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod competition and Breyton Santee won his first Evergreen Lake Park Campground feature of the year. Paul Schreckengost won for the second Friday in a row and three in the last four! Eric Reinwald collected his second of the year, the first coming opening night, and John Zeleznick came from last to first in the Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks for his first-ever Raceway 7 win.

    Zack Lenart and Josh Ferry brought the twenty-four car Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod field to green with Ferry leading the way but Eric Reinwald was next to him at the end of two laps when Tyler Frankenberry spun in turn four. At green Eric Wilson got by Reinwald but Matt Alexander spun in turn one, then Steve Haefke, the points leader, spun in turn four before the cars had completed a lap. Caution was already displayed when Haefke spun so he was restored to his spot. At green, Wilson again got by Reinwald and another lap was scored when Gary Olson spun in turns three and four. Ferry and Wilson raced for the lead until turn four when Wilson got sideways, losing several spots. Debris on the front straight again slowed the race at lap four. Ferry and Reinwald brought the field back to green. Mike Harmon spun in turn four before a lap was complete with a “rough driving” call on Alexander, who was sent to the rear of the field. Ferry, Reinwald, Church Steinle Jr, Mike Boyd, and Steve Haefke were the front five at the end of six with Steinle dropping to seventh by the the next caution, for Kyle Reinwald, spun in turn one at seven laps. At halfway Ferry and Eric Reinwald were side by side, running that way when yellow again flew for Mike Boyd, spun in turn four. With five to go it was Reinwald by a few inches over Ferry but then Chris Runyan, Trevor Jimerson, and Kyle Reinwald spun in turn two. Only one more lap was in when Boyd spun in turn four. With the time limit being reached, the race was declared finished with Eric Reinwald the winner over Ferry, Bud Watson, Haefke, and Wilson.

    The Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks had Jacob Peterson and Dillon Speer at the front for the start. Speer took the lead at green over William VanGuilder with Jim Haefke Jr third. The race ran smooth over the first half with Dillon holding at substantial lead over VanGuilder, Haefke, Kyle Adkins, and Emily Stoyer. At seven laps complete, in turn two, Ana Vassen, Jessica Harvey, and Jacob Peterson had problems, slowing the race for the only time. John Zeleznick was up to third at lap nine, after a disqualification in the heat, then starting twentieth. VanGuilder went way to the outside in turn two on lap eleven turning third over to Zeleznick then on the final lap Speer had mechanical ails, advancing Zeleznick to the win, his first at Raceway 7 in 2018.

    Joel Watson and Gary Eicher started the Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mod feature from the front with Watson leading Eicher, Mike Kinney, Percy McDonald, and Troy Johnson at two laps. Caution flew at lap three when McDonald spun in turn two, advancing Jeff Johnson to fifth. Troy Johnson got by Kinney at five laps for third and last week’s winner Casey Bowers came into the top five, getting by Jeff Johnson. Brandon Grossman spun in turn four at eight complete for the next caution. Before the cars got to green on the restart Jeff Johnson spun down the front straight after clipping an infield-marking tire. Josh McDonald was next to Bowers for fifth at lap ten, then holding the spot at halfway. Brent Rhebergen got to fifth at twelve laps but McDonald was back to the spot at thirteen. With sixteen laps complete Watson had a straightaway lead over Eicher, Troy Johnson, Kinney, and McDonald. That was the order at the finish as Watson went on to his fourth win of the season. Watson’s victory margin was 7.154 seconds!

    Breyton Santee and Kyle Zimmerman brought the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models to green with Santee leading Dave Airgood, Zimmerman, and Khole Wanzer at the end of one lap. Wanzer challenged Zimmerman for third at lap three but fell back to fourth a lap later, when Brandon Porter spun in turn two, slowing the race. For green it was Santee, Airgood, Zimmerman, Wanzer, and points leader Darrell Bossard. Bossard and Zimmerman, battling for position, got together in turn two with Bossard spinning, eventually involving Lon Emerick, Cory Sines, and Dillon Goodman. On the first lap after green a three way battle ensued on the back straight with Wanzer gaining the spot over Matt Latta and Zimmerman. Latta and Wanzer battled for third until Latta assumed the spot at nine complete. On the final lap Wanzer suffered a flat left rear tire. At the line it was Santee, Airgood, Latta, Bossard, and Zimmerman.

    Ten Campbell Mini Storage Street Stocks started their feature with Darr Diegelman and Tim Deutsch at the fore. Deutsch, looking for his second win at Raceway 7 this season, jumped out to the lead with third-starting Mike Clark coming to second. Points leader Paul Schreckengost, the sixth place starter, quickly came to third. Garrett Calvert spun at six complete, slowing the race under yellow. At green Schreckengost came to second and was challenging for the lead at lap eight, edging ahead at the line at nine, then had a one length lead at five. Calvert again spun at this point in turn four. Paul Davis came to third at eleven laps. Davis was next to Deutsch with two to go and second at the white flag. At the checkered it was Schreckengost for the third time in 2018, over Davis, Deutsch, Clark, and Larry Kugel


    Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models:
    Heat 1: Khole Wanzer, Darrell Bossard, Dave Airgood, Matt Sipes, Chad Sines, Brandon Porter, Lon Emerick, Dillon Goodman
    Heat 2: Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Matt Latta, Joe Long, Will Pinckney, Chad Sines, John Stockdale
    Feature: Breyton Santee, Dave Airgood, Matt Latta, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Zimmerman, Joe Long, William Pinckney, John Stockdale, Matt Sipes, Brandon Porter, Cory Sines, Chad Sines, Khole Wanzer, Dylan Goodman, Lon Emerick

    Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:
    Heat 1: Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Casey Bowers, Jeff Johnson, Dan McDonald, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor
    Heat 2: Gary Eicher, Joel Watson, Percy McDonald, Brent Rhebergen, Rick Pratschler, Jesse Gould, Brandon Grossman
    Feature: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Josh McDonald, Brent Rhebergen, Casey Bowers, Percy McDonald, Dan McDonald, Rick Pratschler, Brandon Grossman, Bill Taylor, Jeff Johnson, Jesse Gould

    Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:
    Heat 1: Paul Schreckengost, Darr Diegelman, Tony Spaghetti, Garrett Calvert, Jesse Brock
    Heat 2: Tim Deutsch, Mike Clark, Larry Kugel, Paul Davis, Joshua Seippel
    Feature: Paul Schreckengost, Paul Davis, Tim Deutsch, Mike Clark, Larry Kugel, Josh Seippel, Darr Diegelman, Garrett Calvert, Tony Spaghetti, Art Edwards, Jesse Brock (DNS)

    Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods:
    Heat 1: Steve Haefke, Matt Alexander, Eric Wilson, Eric Reinwald, Tyler Frankenberry, Gary Olson, Kyle Miller, Kyle Reinwald, Jim Dellinger
    Heat 2: Zack Lenart, Lee Patrick, Josh Ferry, Mike Harmon, Mike Boyd, Dennis Dellinger, Casey Harmon, Chris Runyan
    Heat 3: Mitch Wright, Bud Watson, Chuck Steinle, Mark Titus, Nate Young, Gary Murphy, Pat Drennan, George Vestel
    Feature: Eric Reinwald, Josh Ferry, Bud Watson, Steve Haefke, Eric Wilson, Mitch Wright, Chuck Steinle Jr, Zack Lenart, Nate Young, Mark Titus, Gary Olson, Mike Harmon, Tyler Frankenberry, Casey Harmon, Lee Patrick, Gary Murphy, Dennis Dellinger, Kyle Reinwald, Pat Drennan, Chris Runyan, Mike Boyd, Matt Alexander, Kyle Miller, George Vestel (DNS), Jim Dellinger (DNS)


    Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks:
    Heat 1: Zoey Gill, Trevor Jimerson, Ana Vassen, Alexis Vogt, Joe Campbell, Wes Stull, John Zeleznick (DQ)
    Heat 2: William VanGuilder, Kyle Adkins, Scott Gill, Jessica Harvey, Tom Spencer Jr, Emily Stoyer, Justin Bailey
    Heat 3: Dillon Speer, Jim Haefke, Jacob Peterson, Cale Souza, Mike Barr, Jeremy Start
    Feature: John Zeleznick William VanGuilder, Jim Haefke, Kyle Adkins, Cale Sousa, Scott Gill, Jessica Harvey, Mike Barr, Tom Spencer Jr, Dillon Speer, Jacob Peterson, Jeremy Start, Emily Stoyer, Ana Vassen, Justin Bailey, Alexis Vogt, Zoey Gill, Wes Stull, Trevor Jimerson (DNS), Joe Campbell (DNS)