General Rules


Gates open at 5:30, pill draw closes at 7:00

Race receivers will be required for all divisions! DEFAULT CHANNEL 454.000

No Radios in any division

All drivers are responsible for registering their car each night

All divisions except the mini stocks are required to run transponders. They are available for rent $15/night

Track officials will determine any fines or penalties upon assessment of the severity of the rules broken.

Cameras may not be mounted on a car facing rearward in a position that would allow a driver to utilize the lens as a reflective device.

Top 3 cars after feature must exit the track and report directly to tech after crossing scales in infield. Any car that does not report directly to tech may be disqualified. If disqualified, forfeiture of points any money will result. If a car does not scale or meet weight requirements disqualification and forfeiture of points and money will result.




It will not be necessary to use track fuel to collect points.

Anyone going on the track for hot laps must be in complete safety attire.

Fireproof clothing must not be torn.

Anyone not getting to the track at least 30 minutes before race time will push the field, if the officials have not been notified.

The track is not responsible for ANY racecar left on the track if the driver leaves the car.

Drivers doing spin-outs or speeding in the pits will not go back out on the track, and will be suspended for two weeks that the track races.

Crew members are not permitted on the track. Track Officials may provide assistance to a car that needs attention Example (body fender rubbing on tire) to best of their ability, per circumstance. 

All cars must have a readable number on the front, rear, doors and roof.


A driver may be told to exit track without disqualification via black flag for safety and or track procedure violations. (e.g. exiting a car during a race without misconduct, damaged to car that could result in injuries to other drivers)


Anyone fighting on the track or in the pit area may incur a suspension and or a $500.00 fine. The fine MUST be paid before the individual will be permitted to return to competition. The car will also not be permitted to return for the suspension period, even with a different number or driver if the owner of the car was the person suspended.

Anyone who drives a car without registering both car and driver.

If any driver, crew member, goes to another car or pit without an official.

Any abusive physical or verbal altercations with officials or employees.

If any car goes on to the race track after the races are over without permission.

Anyone not making requested changes to car by specified time.

Anyone caught allowing access through the fence or by providing others with tickets.

Anyone failing to leave the track when ordered to do so.

Anyone going to the flag stand or upstairs to confront an official. Under no circumstances is anyone to confront an official upstairs. A minimum two week suspension will be applied to the individual, and possibly the team of the individual who entered the score tower.

Anyone leaving tires at the track will forfeit their money won for that night.



Shocks: a driver who finished on the lead lap only must make the claim imediately proceeding the feature event. Cash must be presented that night to the driver of the shocks being claimed; who can then chose to take the cash per shock or trade any shock desired. The driver with the shocks being claimed must abide by the rule or forfeit their season points and not be permitted to return with the shocks that were claimed.


All divisions will use a pill draw for heat positions, if there is a low car count for a particular class, Raceway 7 may impose dash for feature lineup. it will include an inside line dash and outside line dash, determined by pill draw. The laps will be determined by the number of cars involved in the dash. EX. 4 cars/4laps

The winner of the first heat will then draw numbers 1 thru 12 for feature starting position. Rest of the feature races will be determined by heat finishes.


26 cars will run features. If more than 26 cars are present a ‘B’-Main will be run to set the starting field.

Leader starts the race in turn 4.

In the feature, when there are 5 laps or less remaining, it will be a single file start after any caution.

A driver that qualified may drive a different car, but must push the field.

You may not re-enter a race under green, unless on initial start or restart. (Official will determine)

During the feature, a car may re-enter the track during a yellow or with the initial restart after a yellow.

No use of artificial signaling devises can be used as comunication with driver during racing event.

Driver may not exit his car during a race event period.

Any driver or crew entering track on foot to confront an official or other driver will be suspended.

Last updated 12/5/2017

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