Genco scores win in first visit to Raceway 7 since 2009!

Eicher, Bish, Ferry get first of year, Downes repeats in Minis!

Conneaut, OH (May 25, 2018]: Fireworks lit the night sky at Raceway 7 while race cars created plenty of heated action on the ground. At the end of the night Zack Downes had won his second Sunnyside Farm Transit Inc feature in as many weeks, Curtis Bish collected his first Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stock feature win of the season, defending champion Gary Eicher ran a convincingly strong Bonnell’s Collision Service E-Mod race to collect his first checkers of the season, and Josh Ferry ran off with the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod victory. In the Evergreen Lake Park Campgrounds RUSH Crate Late Model feature, Jason Genco made his first appearance at Raceway 7 since 2009, started pole position for his feature, then led every lap to the checkers, winning by 1.216 second

Twenty-three Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks answered the call for the starting lineup for their feature with Jason Fosnaught leading the way from the drop of the green but outside front row starter Curtis Bish taking over at lap two. The action slowed at the end of two when Mark Frontera spun down the front straight and came to a halt sideways on the track. Bish again led at the green but Tim Deutsch and Ron Boardman got together in turn two, again slowing the event. Bish was at the front at the end of lap three. Mike Clark was challenging Fosnaught for second at the end of five with Schreckengost and Chris McGuire filling out the top five. Caution came at eight laps when Brad Church spun in turn four. McGuire got to fourth with four laps remaining while Bish was opening a lead over Fosnaught. With two to go Schreckengost was again fourth but he came back to third in the final laps. At the checkers it was Bish, Fosnaught, Schreckengost, McGuire, and Clark.

Derrick Tuttle and Jacob Peterson started the Sunnyside Farm Transit Inc Mini Stock Feature from the front row with Tuttle leading most of lap one and Zack Downes coming to second from sixth on the grid then to the lead at the end of lap two when caution flew for the car of Jacob Peterson, stopped in turn four. Downes sped away from the field when the race resumed with Brad Cole coming to second over Speer, who got by Cole at lap four. Haefke was fourth at this point with Bill Fuchs fifth. Yellow flew again at six laps when Tuttle and Zoey Gill both came to a stop on the back straight. Downes and Speer again led the way with Cole third, Haefke fourth, and Shawn McBride now fifth. Defending champion Joe Campbell got to fifth with two to go. At the checkers it was Downes, for his second of the year in as many features, Speer, Haefke, Cole, and Campbell. As the cars slowed following the checkers, Justin Bailey pulled to the infield with flames erupting under the hood, bringing red over the field before the cars headed pitside.

Billy Henry was the pole-sitter with Dan McDonald to his right for the start of the Bonnell’s Collision 20-lap E-Mod finale. Henry led with McDonald second and Kenny Zimmer third at the end of one lap. Percy McDonald and Rick Pratschler got together in turn one of lap three, triggering the first caution. At this point Joel Watson was tenth after starting fifteenth. McDonald, a two time class champion, pitted but rejoined the event at the green. Henry continued to lead with Zimmer second and defending champion Gary Eicher third at five laps in with Troy Johnson fourth and Watson up to fifth. Yellow again flew at lap seven, this time for Percy McDonald, spun in turn four. Eicher came to second at the drop of the green and pulled even with Henry on the back straight of lap nine to the lead at the end of that lap. At halfway it was Eicher, Henry, Zimmer, Watson, and Johnson. At twelve laps in Eicher had a near half straight lead on Watson. With five to go Watson was narrowing the gap, but slowly. The caution flew at four laps left when Hunter Hulley spun in turn two, eliminating Eicher’s lead and setting up a battle to the finish. Watson charged at green, getting next to Eicher in turn one but Eicher powered ahead on the straight, continuing to lead. Zimmer and Casey Bowers then spun in turn two with three to go, slowing the race for the final time. At one lap left Eicher had a one length lead and went on to the win by two lengths over Watson with a Henry winding up third. Johnson finished fourth with Bud Watson fifth.

Jason Genco and Matt Latta brought the Evergreen Lake Park Campground RUSH Crate Late Models to green with Genco leading Latta on lap one with Breyton Santee third. Caution flew at the end of three when Joe Long and Jared Kane got sideways in turn three. Since neither driver stopped, neither was charged with the incident. When green was again in the air Genco again led, this time with Santee second and last week’s winner Darrell Bossard third when caution flew at lap five, when Khole Wanzer spun in turn four. Bossard was second at the end of seven laps as Genco had built a four length lead. Brandon Porter spun in turn four a lap later. Coming to the restart Airgood spun down the main straight. Bossard challenged for the lead every turn until the halfway point when Genco began to pull away. At the checkers it was Genco by six lengths over Bossard, then Santee, Latta, and Hordusky.

Charlie Steinle and Kyle Reinwald brought the Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economod Feature to green with Steinle leading Reinwald and Josh Ferry coming to third from seventh on the grid. At the end of lap three Kyle Reinwald got sideways in turn four, winding up against the front straight wall. Ferry was the leader at four laps in with Matt Alexander second when caution flew for Dustin Demattie, spun in turn two. Ferry brought the field to green but only one lap was in when caution again was flying for Casey Harmon, spun in turn two. Ferry began opening a lead with Steve Haefke second at lap seven when Ashley Rogers and Kevin Sergeff spun in turn two. Gary Murphy was the next caution at lap seven, against the turn two wall. With five to go the order was Ferry, Haefke, Alexander, Eric Wilson, and Steinle when Brandon Fiedler spun in turn four. Eric Reinwald spun in turn two on the next green. At this green it was again Ferry with Wilson getting to third on the back straight, then spinning in turn three, collecting Steinle with six more cars piling up while trying to avoid involvement. For the lap ten start it was Ferry, Haefke, Alexander, Buzz Seitz, and Dustin Demattie. Only one lap was complete before Pat Drennan got into the front straight wall. At turn two Fiedler again spun, in turn two. With the time limit reached, Ferry was declared the winner.


Evergreen Lake Park Campground Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Dave Airgood, Breyton Santee, Joe Long, Kyle Zimmerman. Zach Kane, Jared Kane, Chad Sines, Will Pinckney, Brandon Porter
Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Matt Latta, Bruce Hordusky, Jason Genco, Khole Wanzer, John Stockdale, Scott Dellahoy, Dillon Goodman
Feature: Jason Genco, Darrell Bossard, Breyton Santee, Matt Latta, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Jared Kane, Joe Long, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Sines, Zach Kane, Will Pinckney, Dave Airgood, John Stockdale, Scott Dellahoy, Khole Wanzer, Brandon Porter, Dylan Goodman (DNS)

Bonnell’s Collision Center E-Mods:
Heat 1: Jesse Gould, Gary Eicher, Dan McDonald, Billy Henry, Bud Watson, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Joel Watson, Brandon Grossman (DNS)
Heat 2: Casey Bowers, Troy Johnson, Ken Zimmer, Mike Kinney, Percy McDonald, Rick Pratschler, Hunter Hulley, Brandon Grossman, Dan Sasso
Feature: Gary Eicher, Joel Watson, Billy Henry, Troy Johnson, Bud Watson, Mike Kinney, Percy McDonald, Jesse Gould, Dan McDonald, Rick Pratschler, Josh McDonald, Bill Taylor, Hunter Hulley, Ken Zimmer, Casey Bowers, Brandon Grossman, Dan Sasso

Campbell’s Mini Storage Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Jason Fosnaught, Paul Schreckengost, Chris Withers, Rusty Wheeler, Joe Stajnrajh, Anthony Marotto, Tim Deutsch, Joe Rohrer, Jamie Duncan
Heat 2: Curtis Bish, Mark Frontera, Jesse Brook, Charlie Baptiste, Brad Church, Ron Boardman, Brad Stueger, Garrett Calvert
Heat 3: Chris McGuire, Pat Fielding, Mike Clark. Larry Kugel, Kyle Couchenour, Tony Spaghetti, Jason Black, Richard Chess Sr
Feature: Curtis Bish, Jason Fosnaught, Paul Schreckengost, Chris McGuire, Mike Clark, Larry Kugel, Chris Withers, Rusty Wheeler, Darr Diegelman, Pat Fielding, Joe Stajnrajh, Jason Black. Joe Rohrer, Tony Spaghetti, Garrett Calvert, Ron Boardman, Brad Church, Charlie Baptiste, Richard Chess Sr, Tim Deutsch, Mark Frontera, Kyle Couchenour, Jesse Brock, Jamie Duncan (DNS), Brad Stueger (DNS),Anthony Marotto (DNS)

Bonnell’s Auto Sales Economods:
Heat 1: Kyle Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Josh Ferry, Lee Patrick, Dennis Dellinger, Dustin DeMattia, Kevin Sergeff, Pat Drennan
Heat 2: Buzz Seitz, Casey Harmon, Justin Sax, Clint Smith, Mark Titus, Gary Olsen, Mike Harmon, Ashley Rogers (DNS)
Heat 3: Eric Wilson, Steve Haefke, Eric Reinwald, Chuck Steinle Jr, Chris Clay, Dale Fraschetti, Brandon Fiedler
Feature: Josh Ferry, Steve Haefke, Matt Alexander, Buzz Seitz, Dustin Demattie, Eric Reinwald, Mark Titus, Kevin Sergeff, Chuck Steinle Jr, Casey Harmon, Pat Drennan, Brandon Fiedler, Eric Wilson, Chris Clay, Lee Patrick, Ashley Rogers, Gary Murphy, Mike Harmon, Kyle Reinwald, Clint Smith, Dennis Dellinger, Justin Sax, Dale Fraschetti (DNS), Gary Olsen (DNS)

Sunnyside Farm Transit Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Dillon Speer, Logan Kenny, Derrick Tuttle, Jacob Peterson, Joe Keney, Emily Stoyer, Ana Vassen, Justin Bailey, James Buchanan
Heat 2: Shawn McBride, Zach Downes, Jessica Harvey, Jim Haefke, Joe Campbell, Kelly Clark, Nick Kobie, Scott Gill
Heat 3: Brad Cole, Bill Fuchs, Zoey Gill, Mike Barr, Zack Eller, Alexis Vogt, Willie Haylett, Kason Sneltzer
Feature: Zack Downes, Dillon Speer, Steve Haefke, Brad Cole, Joe Campbell, Logan Keney, Zack Eller, James Buchanan, Shawn McBride, Bill Fuchs, Mike Barr, Alexis Vogt, Kelly Clark, Emily Stoyer, Nick Robie, Joe Keney, Jessica Harvey, Willie Haylett, Justin Bailey, Ana Vassen, Derrick Tuttle, Zoey Gill, Jacob Peterson, Kason Sneltzer, Scott Gill

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