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Crate Late Models

2015 Crate Late Model rules


Raceway 7  Crate Rules fall within the fastrak and Rush series rules with the following exceptions:

**Brad Hibbard will be teching randomly throughout the year!

Tires: The Fastrak approved tire, Rush approved tire, or the American Racer CARS Tire only! **Fastrak 200 tire may have block pattern cut in half, same as the 400 tire. No other grooving, or cut will be allowed. 2015 rule – There will be  4 weeks of racing burn off for any AR dtw rain tread 44, 53

The AR 53 can be cut and siped.

If you are running the CARS program you must run 4 CARS tires on the car. If a racer comes up with no intention on the program he may run his fastrak or Rush series approved tires the first week. Every week following he must have atleast two CARS tires on the rear of his/her car. All with the exception of the 4week burn off. You may run the RUSH, Fastrak, or AR rain tread during the 4 week burn off period.

Engine: Must Have a Fastrak, Rush or GM series approved seal! Any violation of the engine rules will result in forfeiture of season points, and $500.00 fine! Fastrak Rules Rush Series Rules

Revised 2/23/2015/

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