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Crate Late Models

2015 Crate Late Model rules


Raceway 7  Crate Rules fall within the fastrak and Rush series rules with the following exceptions:

**Brad Hibbard will be teching randomly throughout the year!

Tires: The Fastrak approved tire, Rush approved tire, or the American Racer CARS Tire only!

**Fastrak 200 tire may have block pattern cut in half, same as the 400 tire. No other grooving, or cut will be allowed.

2015 rule – There will be  4 weeks of racing burn off for any AR dtw rain tread 44, 48

Engine: Must Have a Fastrak, Rush or GM series approved seal!

Any violation of the engine rules will result in forfeiture of season points, and $500.00 fine!

Fastrak Rules

Rush Series Rules




Revised 12/22/2015/

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